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I wonder if Senpai will notice me.

...Whoever Senpai is.
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...I love Cake.

And cake.


I hope everyone is having a good summer.  It's been quite a busy one for me.  New job, new stories and fandoms to write about.  I still have a very large backlog of P&F episodes to roll through, as well as several stories that I need to decide the future of.

But probably more on that later.

I want to talk today about something that's bugged me ever since I started reading fanfiction a long time ago:  the length of the story.

Now, anyone who knows me will remember that I much prefer longer stories over shorter ones.  There's nothing quite like the feeling of spending a good while reading a tantalizing, well thought-out story.

Not to say that there aren't any good short stories out there.  There are.  But a lot of them, I find, have the same problem with them:

They're too short.

Anyone seeing my stories knows that the majority of the one-shots are over a thousand words.  That's my 'threshold', so to speak.  If you can't get a one shot over that point, then you run the risk of heading into a brevity problem.

I've seen multitudes of stories on and DevArt that are several hundred words long and they don't do anything for me.  One shots need to have some semblance of a story too.

What's even worse is when you come across a multi-chapter story that's less than a thousand words.  Talk about building your story brick by brick.  You should really be doing that in the planning stages, not as you're writing and submitting the story.

The only reason, to me, for people to have something below a thousand words is if your story has a schtick to it.  It's strictly a first-person POV, it's only speech, and so forth.  Something has to deviate it from a regular story in order for it to be that short.

And it should probably be really good.

Not that I'm saying mine are good, but I'm also not doing it on a consistent basis.  There are people who consistently put out really short stuff and think that it's anywhere close to passable.

A few hundred words does not a story make.  That doesn't even give you enough time to develop a situation, much less an entire story.

And if you really think about it, a thousand words isn't that much.  I have trouble making chapters and stories below that.  I'm sure most people could do it as well.

Hopefully the updates will happen on Friday.  Can't guarantee it thought; I have a new job that requires a lot of attention since I'm a manager now.  Here's to open I can update one story.

See you next time, ladies and gents.
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Two short updates this week, the reason of the updates.  You'll see soon enough.

So, the new released Pokemon for X & Y?

Awesome sauce.

One thing I am really liking are their designs.  I mean, a pistol shrimp?  A panda?  A bat/speaker/dragon thing?  Freakin' sweet.

(No, I'm really not being sarcastic when I'm typing this.)

Noivern looks really really cool, and it piques my interest to wonder if he's going to get a pre evolution.  He certainly doesn't look like he's going to evolve into anything.

Heck, even Vivillon looks nice, and we already have two butterflies.  I wonder what its gimmick is going to be.

Not to mention the badasses that are Xerneas and Yveltal.

So overall...A+ on the designs.

But Talonflame?  Really?

We couldn't think of anything else?


I have (hopefully) three updates due out on Friday.  One will be Chapter 4 of This Crazy Little Thing.

The other two...are going to be brand new stories.

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself "Jason, you Herculean exemplar of a god, why would you put out two brand new stories when you haven't even finished the one you're on right now?"

And my answer would be "Because SHUT UP."

The P&F one was suppose to be last summer, but lackadaisical...ness and getting overworked much more than I had anticipated put it on the backburner.  But seeing as we have something relevant coming up in a few months (HINT: See Above), I think that I can get it done during the summer.

The other one?

Well, you will just have to see it to find out.

Both of the other stories are just opening with prologue chapters; none of it is really comprehensive.  At least...not right now, anyway.

Stay tuned on Friday to see all of the delicious goodies that I have to offer.

Until next time, everyone. 

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We're going in deep this time.  :P

Today I'm going to be taking a look at the backlog of Phineas and Ferb fanfiction, as what is listed on, and doing a sort of pseudo breakdown to the numbers of what people are making and/or reading.

This won't be a full analytical entry, because doing that would take far too long, and I only have so many hours in the day.

(Also keep in mind that the numbers and percentages below are based off of this writing and rough, in that order.  I realize that there are different numbers on different sites of the page.)


As of this writing, the P&F section has ~5,100 "entries" (for lack of a better term) in its index, good enough for 17th on the Cartoon directory, sandwiched between KND and Powerpuff Girls.  I...really don't know how the PPGs got so many fics, but in fairness I haven't read any of them.

On to specifics:

1.  Out of all of the fanfiction listed, 225 entries are rated strictly M (or about 4.5%).  Nothing too out of the ordinary, I was expecting something far--

All right.  I spoke too soon.  Apparently there is an audience for Baljeet being a crossdressing pole dancer.

...Moving on.

2.  There are 12 fics that have hit the >100,000 word barrier.  That's...a lot.  My longest fic is just above 20k words, and I thought that was a large amount.  Some authors of those fics include Blackspiderman, Freedom Fighter, Lowrider, and Michi41.

I have read both Freedom Fighter's Fireside Diaries and Lowrider's Summer of Love.  Both are fantastic reads; I would highly recommend them.  I have not read BSM's or Michi's fics, but hey...they're much more diligent than I to make a story that long.

3.  There are 1,368 entries (about 27%) that are less than one thousands words.  Now that's interesting.

See, to me, I don't think you can really tell a good story (even for the purposes of a one-shot) in less than a thousand words.  It's really not a lot.  Most of the one shots I have fall around the 1.2K to 1.8K, so maybe that's just my experience talking.

(And yes, people who are looking at my profile on and notice the two stories I have that are <1k works, both were gimmick fics.  One was a speaking-only fic, and the other was 100 words on purpose.  So...yeah.)

And if you're doing a niche fic, that's fine.  It's just that if you're going to be making a story, you're going to need ample room to tell it.  Attempting to do it in a few hundred words just doesn't cut it for me most of the time.

4.  2,076 entries (about 41%) are romance, and almost half of those (47%) are of Phinbella.

...Honestly, I thought that number would be higher, but oh well.  I guess that just proves that the rest of the fandom pairing have just as much representation as the main one.


Aw, why not?  Let's check the rest of the pairing (following breakdown is of all genres of the pairing, not just romance):

Jeremy/Candace – 43 entries
Ferb/Gretchen – 19 entries (mostly of Lowrider and Robot Wolf 26Z)
Buford/Adyson – 5 entries (including one of mine)
Buford/Milly – 2 entries
Django/Adyson – 7 entries
Django/Milly – 3 entries (including one of mine)
Baljeet/Ginger – 25 entries
Irving/Katie – 3 entries (perhaps skewed because Irving's a recent addition to's character list)

I would also check Holly, but alas, Balthazar is not on the list.

So, the total amount of fics with those designated characters listed, we have 107 stories.  This is, of course, not taking into account stories that don't have those characters listed, but I think those are few and far between.

So...what are the other romance fics?  Weird slash ones?  Buford/Baljeet?  Ones that don't designate a pairing?  Perry stuff?  Do I even want to know?

On second thought, I don't really think I do.

Anywho, off to write my freakin' story that's taking way too long.  I have a lot of writing time available this week, so I hope to make a lot of progress.

Until next time, ladies and gents.
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So Kindle Worlds is a thing.

Those of you furiously polishing your meticulously researched and beautifully written Gossip Girl fanfic novel, rejoice — Amazon has created a platform whereby you can not only publish it, but possibly make money from it. Whether you'll want to use that platform remains to be seen.

Yesterday, the House that Bezos Built announced the launch of Kindle Worlds, a digital publishing platform where writers can publish fan fiction under official licenses. Right now, Amazon's deal is limited to Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries — all from Warner Bros.' Alloy Entertainment — but it promises more to come.

On the surface, it seems like a sweet deal. After years of conflict over the copyright issues and ethical conundrums of non-licensed works, fan writers finally have an official OK to not only write, but possibly profit from their work.

Sounds like a good idea, right?


Which means, of course, that there must be a catch — or catches, as it turns out. Author John Scalzi was quick to voice concerns about the publishing agreement and the program's potential impact on professional writers working in the media tie-in market. Wired spoke with attorney Jeff Trexler, who expressed similar concerns, pointing to a clause in Amazon's contact that grants Amazon and the licensor rights to the text of the stories and any original elements they might contain.

"In short, if your fan fiction includes new elements that catch on with the general public, it's likely that you'll not be able to profit from them outside of the stories that you write," he said. "For example, Time Warner could launch a movie series based on a character you created and not owe you a dime. While the terms state that you retain the copyright, you also give Amazon an exclusive license to your original work and Amazon in turn licenses your work to Time Warner in a license that provides nothing for you."

Furthermore, says Trexler, if you decided to keep using that character outside of Kindle Worlds, you'd be violating the terms of your contract.

So...this is a thing.

Now, let's forget for a fact that this sounds like an extremely bad idea and that your stories would essentially no longer be yours.

Let me ask you a question.  How much fanfiction would you actually be willing to pay for?

Heck, I wouldn't even pay to read my own fanfiction.

In fact, I can count the amount of fanfiction that I would pay any amount of money for with one finger.

Not one hand.  One finger.

I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one it is.

Anyways, summary: bad idea, and it can probably only get worse from here.  Because they probably won't take everything.  Just the stuff that they can make the most money off of.

...What?  It's true.
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I'm not going to go into a whole schpeal about it right now, but I will say this:

This is NOT a good idea.  At all.

And I thought Microsoft's new Xbox was the craziest thing I read today.
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Let's switch things up for today with a little history lesson.

The very first cartoon fandom that I got immersed into was Teen Titans (2003-6).  I was a superhero kid of kid (as I imagine most kids were around that time), which was nice.

...I say this like I was a kid back then instead of in the latter years of high school, but just ignore that.

Teen Titans, in my opinion, was pretty much the best cartoon at the time.  It had everything anyone could want: action, drama, hilarity, suspense.

I think I'm forgetting something.

Oh yeah.  The shipping.

I joined a forum named the RBSU (Raven/Beast Boy Shippers United) off of the suggestion of a fanfic author I really enjoyed (who is now one of my closest friends).  I joined the forum almost ten years ago, and now I'm glad to say the people I have met there have grown to be very close friends of mine.

Even though the forum is now basically defunct (although you can still visit it), it was a good stepping stone for my views on fanfiction and fandoms in general.

Oh yeah, and the shipping.

As easily figured by the title of the forum, I was a BB/Raven shipper.  Now, I say shipper, but it was more of the mild variety.  It was nothing like what occurs nowadays, because we didn't have Twitter and all of these social websites back in the day.  Heck, Facebook wasn't even that big back in '03.

Even now, I think TT ended at a point where it didn't manager to get caught up in social media.

Of course, this might all change with Teen Titans Go!.

Speaking of which, I watched the first episode.  Pretty funny.  Having all of old VAs back really helps, even though Hynden Walsh and Tara Strong's voice (IMO) have somehow gotten slightly deeper over time.  Or maybe it's just me.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to more episodes, and especially the ideas that I can come up with for fanfiction.

Which comes to my other point.

The Phineas and Ferb fic that I'm currently working on (This Crazy Little Thing) is going to be updated, and hopefully on Friday, but there are two things happening right now that have the caused the almost month delay to it:

1.) Getting back into the Teen Titans mix (watching old episodes, seeing TTGo!, and the like) and the aforementioned fics

2.) Writing Chapter 2, having parts of Chapter 4 and the ideas all ready to go...and having no idea what to put in Chapter 3.


Transitions, kids.  They're important.

Hopefully Ch. 3 will be up on Friday, as well as my third TT fic.  It won't be a serious one.

Good lord, it won't be a serious one.

And before anyone asks: No, I'm not done with Phineas and Ferb.  Still want to finish this story, and then I'll have some decisions to make.  But stay tuned for that.

Later, ladies and gents.
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Whenever I write a romance story (which is almost all of the time), I always try to not have everything in it revolve around romance.  That would be just entirely mushy, and it usually does not end well from a writing standpoint.

Realize notwithstanding.

But jumping right into a romance story with just romance (unless it's a one-shot, and even then not really) is not the best way to go about things.  After all, romance in real life does not suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Of course, there are several things in P&F that just appear out of nowhere, but you get my point.

The thing is that you have to have some sort of relationship already established in order for the romance that will happen later to make actual sense.  You can't just jump straight into the pool without getting your toes wet first. can, but you're going to get very cold if you do.

P&F is no different.  I can't even begin to tell you the amount of stories that I've read on Phinbella where it just jumps into foo foo cuddly poo crap without any sort of rhyme or reason.  It's...befuddling, to say the least.

The major fan couples in P&F have a varying amount of friendship between them, which is not a surprise in itself.  However, the level of friendship will vary from author to author.  This usually makes for a pretty good comparison topic/subject.

I am no different.

I have a scale that I use that lets me know the proper amount of "friendship", so to speak, that I use when making a particular story with a pairing.  How varied is it?

Let me show you it.  In order, from most to least (in my continuity, I should stress):

1.) Django/Milly - Well...I'm going to take a wild guess and say you though I was going to put Isabella and Phineas here.  You thought wrong.

Here's the reasoning.  In my continuity, they are very good friends (just as good as Phineas and Isabella are).  However, they sort of have an unspoken rule where they are technically with each other.  I say "technically", since they are only nine-ten-eleven.

Whatever their age is.

2.) Phineas/Isabella - And then you have number two.

It's barely number two, because they (and by this, I mean Phineas) are too silly to realize that they (and by this again, I mean Isabella) can't notice their (and by this, I mean Isabella) advances and actions.

OK, so maybe it's just Isabella on that end, but you get my point.  They have a history, and they've been friends for a really long time.  Not much else to say here.

3.) Buford/Adyson - If you've read my stories, this is an obvious choice.

If not...then go read my Buford/Adyson stories and then come back.  Then you'll realize it.

Adyson and Buford are under the category of "pretty good friends".  They are more than just Big Idea muscle; they have classes, they do karate together, Adyson occasionally punches Buford in the arm.

It's important to note that they somewhat fit the "opposites attract" archetype, which does start out as them being actual friends.  It's also important to know that I already have something of a setup for these two.  Where it's going to end I'm not sure.

4.) Baljeet/Ginger, Ferb/Gretchen, & Irving/Katie - Well, I couldn't really decide who to put here, but these three pairing pretty much all fit in the next category, with only slight variations between the three.  Baljeet/Ginger is minutely ahead of Ferb/Gretchen, with Irving/Katie bringing up the rear.

They are "passing friends".  They're cordial, they make nice during projects, the girls all have crushes on their respected gentlemen.  Since Ginger's the most...excitable out of the three, she's first.  Gretchen has the advantage of her superior intelligence to calm herself down, but if the story I want to write ever gets written, you can see she has another problem she has to worry about.  Katie has the added problem of the intense nerd-dom of Irving to deal with, so it sort of skirts to the end of the line.

However, they are all still above...

7.) Balthazar/Holly - This is totally not because Balthazar a relatively unknown character and is the last of the pairings that are taken seriously.

...OK, maybe it is.

Since Balthazar (I need to shorten that name to something; I can't write that out every time) is not part of the main group, it would stand to reason he would be last on the list.  Holly, if you think about it, is sort of in the same boat.  There aren't a lot of fics that focus on here (or even mention her), so she's a mystery as well.

So there you have it.  It's important to not only write your pairings with some sort of restraint, but you also have to make sure it's not overridden with just the pairing.  Not everything is flowers and rainbows and unicorns all of the time.  Sometimes, there has to be dandelions and clouds and horses.

I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

Chapter 2 of This Crazy Little Thing will be up on either Wednesday or Friday, depending on how much writing I get done.  Chapter 1 was kind of boring, I know, but I promise it will start rolling with Chapter 2.

Until next time, ladies and gents.
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...So I apparently already did a YSCI for Baljeet/Ginger last year.


You should totally go read that by the way.  It might be relevant.

So I'm going to do one for a pairing that will be shown for a little bit in the upcoming Baljeet/Ginger story, as well as the next one shot in this little continuity: Buford/Adyson.

*insert comment about the following being of my opinion only here*

Canon – I would normally go on about the episodes that these two were together in, but I don't think that actually brings anything to the table, so I'm just going to ignore that.  There's quite a few; that's all I'm going to say.

What I will say is something that I had found interesting: the episode which Adyson gets the most screentime/development/whatever you want to call it ("The Great Indoors") doesn't have Buford popping up in it at all.  This is partly the reason why I decided to write Those Great Indoors; it delves a little more into Adyson's background and personality while giving Buford a chance to showcase the friendship they have.

But more on that later.

Fanon – Adyson and Buford fall under the typical love/hate relationship, as done by a lot of fanfictioners I've come across.  However, quite a few recent findings have seen sort of a liking toward Buford/Milly, with Adyson being taken by Django.

Now, I don't personally have anything against the Django/Adyson pairing.  It's...fine.  I guess.  They seem to write it along sort of the same lines as the Buford pairing, only with the more laid-back Django taking the place of the bullheaded Buford.

But I suppose that will be in the next YSCI.

It's a classic constant clashing thing with the two of them, both having (or being written with) alpha personalitites.  Adyson is usually written as someone who feels the need to do everything, if going off of The Great Indoors is any indication.  Overworking, overburdened, and over the top are the main qualities.

Buford...well, it's a little bit harder to pin Buford down.  I mean, he has the usual "RAWR I'M A BULLY" thing, as well as the whole homosexual relationship with Baljeet people like writing about.

For what exact reason, I'm really not sure.

But you can bet that his bully behavior will definitely hit a tipping point somewhere down the line, and he'll have to face the consequences of it (whether he wants to or not).

My Analysis – To start, let's get all of the stupid Buford/Baljeet things out of the way.  One, I'm not a fan of that pairing.  Two, it's, again, stupid.  Three, I honestly don't know why people would even think about that pairing for a fleeting second.  Four...

I actually don't have a four, I just wanted to complete it like that.

Moving on.

I like to go with the fandom on a couple of points on the pairing.  I like to write Adyson as the most sarcastic one of the Fireside Girls, and she is the one that is written as the workaholic.  She, of course, gets this from her mother, who I have down as Melissa the receptionist.

...Come on, it's the hair swoosh.  I can't be the only one who sees it.

Like the show, Buford does have the bully persona he needs to uphold, but he can show that different side of him at unexpected times.  And a great time for that to happen is when he's with Adyson.

Like the two pairings before, I have a them with Buford and Adyson: determination.  She is determined to be the best Fireside Girl as possible (even at her own expense) and to live up to everyone's expectations.  He is determined to keep both sides of him in check (the bully side and the normal kid side).

And they are both utterly determined not to let anyone know that they already like each other.

Because that's fun for me to write.

It's a little different from Django/Milly because with those two, they're written as if they're already in a relationship.  Buford and Adyson are written as if they're trying to avoid that word.

Or "determined" to avoid that word.

See what I did there?

Now, all of this is under the preexisting line that they are already somewhat good friends.  More than Katie and Irving, and less than Django and Milly or Phineas and Isabella.  However, they don't want anyone to really know about the actuality of it.  It makes for a good subplot, trust me.

That about wraps up this pairing.  I don't think I'm forgetting anything.  If anyone wants to see a good example of how I write the pairing, go read Those Great Indoors.  It'll be good, trust me.

The new one-shot will be uploaded at the end of the week.  I may also "re-upload" the Baljeet/Ginger one-shot on Friday on just so that I can get more people to see it.

I understand this may paint me as a view-whore (or review-whore, or whatever), but I think it's important because it's in an actual continuity going on, so the more people see it the better.  And putting it up on a Saturday night when no one's looking at it is not a good way to do it.  And totally my fault.

See you later in the week, ladies and gents.
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NOTE:  Even though I shouldn't have to say it, the items in this blog are of my opinions and my opinions only.  Don't bite my head off because that would make you look silly.  And like a cannibal.

So for this week, I though I would do a topic that is somewhat relevant to the story I will be uploading on Friday.  There's all sorts of hullabaloo about who should end up with that crazy Indian genius nerd, Baljeet...Tjinder.

...Yeah, I'm still getting used to that last name.  I'm still used to writing Patel.  Need to work on that.

Anywho, Ginger and Mishti are the two main people that Baljeet get paired with.  And no, before anyone asks, I'm not counting Buford in that.  That's just...I'm going to ignore that.

Now, anyone who regular follows my stuff here (pay attention, you two) knows that I am on the side of Ginger.  I think that while there's is certainly a lot of...questionable things that Ginger can do in the terms of fanon, there is also a lot of good that the pairing can do.

Not that Mishti is not a good character.

She is.

For what she was used for.

And that's the main reason why I don't really support a Baljeet/Mishti pairing:  She's already served her purpose.

Mishti was in the show for one episode, "That Sinking Feeling".  She was in there as part of the main plot: Baljeet trying to impress his old friend from India.


This is important.

People seem to forget that the romance in the story was not instigated by Baljeet.  It was by Phineas (shockingly enough).  And that wasn't even on purpose.  Phineas has his own convoluted vision of what romance is suppose to be; we readily saw that in the episode.

So we go through the episode, with Baljeet trying his best to impress her with such things as the dinner, the flowers and what not, and nothing is working.

But of course nothing is working.

Because this is Phineas' vision.  Not Baljeet's.

The end of the episode rolls around, and 'Jeet and Mishti are both in the raft, and then...the two pretty much end the whole potential there.

They're friends.

Not more.  Not less.

Her story has already been wrapped up.  The fact that she hasn't reappeared in the show supports that.

Now, let me make this very clear: I don't hate Mishti.  In fact, she is similar to another character in the show who is interesting but is not part of a fan pairing I support: Vanessa.  That analysis will come at a later date.  Also, there are people on here who make successful stories with Baljeet/Mishti as a pairing (the whole ThoMarie thing comes to mind).

But to me, there's more potential in Ginger than there is in Mishti.  If you can balance the whole cling problems that Ginger has with Baljeet's general obliviousness to romance (though not as bad as Phineas), you can make a great story.  Too many people, however, tend to overdo the stalker qualities that they think Ginger possesses.

This would seem like a good time to say how I write the pairing.

It's not.  It's late.  I'm tired.  There may or may not be a foot of snow headed my way.  So I'll be off for the night.

Later, people.
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...Sort of.

I'm making the decision to pull the story off of the site because...well, for many reasons.

It's now March.  There are a lot of stories that I would like to focus on without this one being on my mind.  So there's that.

I did not do a lot of pre-writing for this story.  But then again, I usually don't, but for my other stories I would usually have at least something later done.  Here, I did not.

But the most important reason is the one rule that I broke whenever I write and upload a story:

Never, ever upload a story that you are not 100% happy with.

Notice I didn't say satisfied.  Satisfied =/= happy.  I'm usually never satisfied with everything that I do, but I'm at least happy with the stuff that I put out.

This entire story was just getting to the point where I wasn't happy with where it was going.  Or even happy writing it.

So I'm going to put it into storage.  I will also be removing it from my account, effective "as soon as I get to it tonight".

Now, I'm not giving up on the story quite yet.  I'm just going to hold off on it for now, work on some other stuff, and maybe when the next holiday season comes around, I'll have a better idea as to where I want to go with it.

Too many plots circulating around.  Poor writing (IMO).  The songfic style that I'm writing with is unfamiliar and was a larger pain in the butt that I thought it would be.  I'm just...not very happy with it.

Apologies to the people who read it and reviewed it and did like it.  I'm glad that someone did.

Now, the good news is that I have some other stuff pretty much ready to go within the next few days, so be prepared for that.  I should have something up this weekend, most likely Sunday.  Stay tuned for that.

Later, ladies and gents.
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I could go on and on about how I haven't been updating.

But I don't want to.

So I won't.

Moving on...

We've gotten quite a bit of new names over the past few months with the P&F characters.  And I'm not even counting Ginger being confirmed as Stacy's sister, because...well, who didn't see what coming?

But we've had three new last names/whole names revealed in a relatively short amount of time:

1.) Baljeet's last name is Tjinder.  Not really new, but new enough to mention.
2.) The Ballpit Kid's full name is Balthazar Horowitz.  Uhh...that's...a name.
3.) Irving's last name is Du Bois, just revealed within the last few days.

First of I have to go change everyone's names in my fics.

(Not really, I'm not changing anything that I've already written.)

Second, this is sort of interesting because I feel like this is going to lead to something big.  Can't quite put my finger on what just yet.  But hey, it makes for entertaining speculation.

Wonder if we'll get Coltrane's last name next.

...If it's Jackson, I will laugh so hard.

Still have to catch up on new P&F episodes, but I'm getting there.  Should be caught up pretty soon.

Until next time.
It's that time to reflect on things we've done, learn from them, and see what we want to do in the next 365 days.

Or, maybe in my case, the things that I haven't done.

It's not a surprise that I did not accomplish most of what I wanted to do in this year (from a fanfiction standpoint, anyway).  That can be blamed on a number of things.  Work, illness, family.

I know that I keep making promises about what I want to do, and they don't seem to be coming through.  So, for this year...

I won't.

Making a promise to not make promises.  How meta of you, Jason.

I do want to thank all of the people who have read and reviewed the stories I did put out this year.  I didn't read any of the reviews I had for the past month or so because...well, I was scared, to be quite honest.  I'm always a little bit nervous when it comes to seeing what others think of my stories, even though I really shouldn't be.  I've had nothing but positive feedback for everything (sans one fic, but I was expecting that anyway).

Special thanks go out to gibberishic, Spongey444, and PnfFan101 for supporting me through this year.  You guys are the best.

In any case, the happenings in the past few months will all be explained on here soon enough.  I know a couple of people are probably confused (especially with Numb), but trust me.  You'll be enlightened soon enough.

With that out of the way...I have work to do.

Hope everyone has a happy new year.  See you on the other side.

Also, I figured that I would at least update with a story before I update this journal.

This will be only a mini-update, which I'm sure will be to the chagrin of everyone here.

I have a holiday fic that I'm working on, and that will take up the majority of my time.  I probably won't be properly updating the journal until a later point in time, but I at least figured that I should update somewhere.

As for the other story that I uploaded at the wee hours of the morning...


I don't really expect anyone to understand what goes on in my head.  Heck, I don't even know what goes on from time to time.

It's a curse, I swear.

I've said before that I don't think you should ever write when you're not in the mood.  But there comes a certain point in time where if you don't force yourself down and do it, you'll never do it again.  And that's what I sort of went through last night.

I'll have a journal out later chronicling what's been going on the past few months.  Not now, of course.  Probably in the new year.

In the meantime, enjoy the story.  I'll update it pretty frequently over the next few weeks.

The holidays are here, ladies and gents.  Time to get ready.
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To all of the American people on the site, please do your best to go out and vote (if you are of age).

Saying you want one candidate over the other is meaningless unless you go and put someone's name down.

As corny as it is to say that every single vote does.  It might when it comes to this election.  Obama and Romney are in a dead heat (popular vote-wise).

Also, some people really cheese me off when they go off about politics and then don't do a single thing about it.

Go to your local voting booth and put up.  Or shut up.

Simple as that.
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A lot of rain and wind where I am, but not much else, thankfully.  Though, the worst is yet to come, from what I hear.

So the updates are going to be a little late, as you can probably imagine.  I am working on things as we speak, but who knows how much longer I'll have power.

If you are anywhere near the path of Sandy, I would suggest that you hunker down and wait until the storm passes to do anything.  And if you've already lost power and can't read anything that I'm typing...well, then it's sort of moot.

I'll be working as long as I have power.  Then it might be an early bedtime for me.  Which is good, because I'm old.


Stay safe, everyone.
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Plus an actual "putting out stories" update.

But that's for later.


In the case that you've been living under a rock for the past week or so, there was some news that came out regarding the P&F movie.  A Disney Executive was in attendance of the New York Comic-Con, and the article with this news mentioned a delay in the movie (thanks to rwmead and 022288knarrow for the link):

This week, the New York Comic Con was held in, perhaps not surprisingly, New York City. Although the Phineas and Ferb creative staff did not attend, nor was the show officially represented, ToonZone reports that during a Q&A session with a Disney representative before a screening of Disney XD's newest animated series- Slugterra and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja- it was revealed that "the rumored Fireside Girls spinoff from Phineas and Ferb is not being actively worked on at the moment, and that they're focusing more on the show and the movie." Ever since Dan Povenmire & Jeff "Swampy" Marsh signed new contracts with Disney Television Animation in 2011 which included the option for an additional pilot, which may or may not be a spinoff of Phineas and Ferb, rumors have been spreading as to whether or not such a thing may happen, especially when combined with the New York Times reporting in 2010 that " potential spinoff is centered on the Fireside Girls." Whether or not Povenmire & Marsh's second series will happen- and whether or not it will involve the Fireside Girls- remains at this point something only time will tell.

And as long as we're on the subject of the Phineas and Ferb movie: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures announced their new release schedule today. In addition to giving slots to two as-of-yet-unannounced animated features and giving a date to the next Marvel hero to get the big-screen treatment, Ant-Man (November 6, 2015, to be exact), the studio has pushed back the Phineas and Ferb feature film from its originally-announced release date of July 26, 2013 to sometime in 2014 (the exact date is yet to be determined by the studio.) The new schedule can be seen in various spots on the Internet, including (but not limited to) Box Office Mojo, Stitch Kingdom, and Entertainment Weekly.

Now, like the article mentions a little bit later, the news regarding the delay is not that surprising, considering that there was very little news coming out of the woodwork with the writing of the script, producers, and what not in the past several months.

And I will basically repeat what most of the people around have been saying, because I agree with it:  Yes, it is a bummer.  It was a movie that I was really looking forward to.  But...better to wait a little while longer and make a good product than rush something out and it stink.  Dan and Jeff are fully aware of that.  Plus they have a show to worry about.

It's also not like we won't see it anymore now that it's been delayed.  We're all going to see the freakin' movie.  Although I wonder what Disney will do with Thor 2 now.  If you remember, they moved the release date of that movie to make room for P&F.  It will probably be nothing, because they don't want to deal with The Wolverine

What I am interested in a little bit more, however, is this part:

"...during a Q&A session with a Disney representative before a screening of Disney XD's newest animated series- Slugterra and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja- it was revealed that 'the rumored Fireside Girls spinoff from Phineas and Ferb is not being actively worked on at the moment, and that they're focusing more on the show and the movie'."


If I remember correctly, there hasn't been anyone higher on the totem pole than Dan and Jeff saying anything about  the rumors of the spin-off.  The co-creators have mentioned it several times, including the NY Times panel they did back in the summer of 2011.

And that's what they were.  Rumors.

Until now.

The wording of that phrase by the executive (if that is indeed the correct one) says that it's "rumors".  On the other hands, the person also say that it's "not being actively worked on at the moment".

...But that means it was.

To what degree and extent no one except Disney knows, but it's intriguing that the exec would say "actively".  That constitutes that there was some sort of work being put into it at a previous point.  Not animation and VA work work.  But maybe plot planning and structure work.

The point is that, IMO, the detractors saying that a spin-off will never happen because of X, Y, and Z should probably reconsider their argument, because it sounds like it is going to happen.  Don't know when, don't know for how long, but it seems like a pretty done deal at this point.  

Which is good...because I really want that show to happen.


Now to the other part.

For the better part of three months, I have had a really difficult time with my writing.  I've also had a lot of things happen that I've had to put a higher priority on other than my stories.  It's not...anything I really want to discuss in detail right now, but suffice to say it had to be taken care of.

So I've recently been slogging back through some of my old drafts, dabbling here and there through them, and writing out some new things.  I've been out of practice, and I have a lot of catching up to do, but I believe that I am finally at the point where I can start posting stories again.

I know I've been saying that for...well...three months, but I'm confidant enough to say with certainty that I will be back uploading stories.

That was the good news.

Here is the bad news.

It will NOT all be P&F.

The show has cooled off for me, to be quite honest.  I don't have anything against it, nor do I have anything against the people in the fandom.  Things have happened.  I didn't have the time to get as much exposure to the show as I used to.  As a matter of fact, I haven't watch the vast majority of new episodes in the past...year?

That would probably explain my deterioration of updates.

But with the news of the movie and the fact that I have been catching up on my writing makes me feel that I should get my hat back into the right.

Oh, and the one other thing.

I miss you guys.

I miss putting stuff up and seeing the response that they've gotten.(good and bad).  I've missed chatting to people in the fandom about a myriad amount of things, ranging from pairing to episode quality to just what exact kind of bear Buford was suppose to be dressed up as.  I miss seeing people being really happy and thankful that I write stuff, even if it was controversial (Nine Eleven) or not about P&F (Profile), or even about a pairing that they don't like (insert all of my non-Phinbella fics here).

...Seriously, though, Irving's not that bad.  Or Coltrane.


I just miss the experience.

I do have some P&F stories on board, but I have a few other shows that I have ideas for, including:

Another NCIS:LA story
Borderlands 2
Teen Titans
The World Ends With You
Encyclopedia Brown

And a couple others that are so far in their primary stages that it wouldn't be any fun to mention them now.

So, if you like those (as well as P&F), you'll be in luck in the future.  I can't promise that I will update every week, but I'll try to have something up every couple weeks.

But for the meantime, I have two stories that I will have out on Saturday, one of which is a little P&F one-shot  that will let me get back into the swing of things.

The other....well, the other is a birthday gift that was due to a friend of mine a long time ago, but because of everything that has happened got put on the back-burner.

Before anyone says anything, yes, I'm a horrible friend.  The profuse apology that will be my message to said person will be long, I assure you.

But hey.  Maybe it can be a two-month birthday-year...thing.

I don't know.

Or maybe ninjas will be sent to kill me.  I haven't figured it out yet.  I'll let you guys now.

Thanks for the patience, guys.  The stories will be up on Saturday.  Until then, stay frosty.
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It's been a while since I've updated this journal, so I figured, "Hey, I might as well knock something out now."  Been busy with many things.  Fics.  Work.  Illness.  I may have bronchitis.  Possibly.  But in any case, let's move on.

Whenever I feel like I need to have a pick-me-up, I have a go-to favorite episode of P&F.  It's one that I've had to re-watch recently to sort of get me back into the game.

Which one is it, you ask?

It would be so easy to say one of the specials (Rollercoaster, 2nd Dimension, and the like).  And in any other case, I probably would.

But the best one, in my opinion?

*points to title*

Now, I'm sure that some of you are asking, "Jason, you exemplar of an Adonis-like piece of man-meat, why would you say that particular episode?"

...Or more than likely you're not.

Maybe the latter part.


To me, "That Sinking Feeling" strikes that perfect balance of humor and romance and silliness that I can't really apply to any other episode.  I'm not saying the others aren't great (they are), but I just fell in love with this episode.

Plus, I think it's sort of an insight into one of my favorite characters in the show: Baljeet.  All of that silly awkwardness, fun jokes, and a runaway lighthouse makes it awesome.

(Never mind the fact that Baljeet is really suppose to have a crush on Isabella, but I guess this episode was early enough that it wasn't really formally introduced, but...I digress.)

It also has Doof's best quotes ever:
The boats will follow it, like moths following a...wait, have I already used that, uh...that metaphor? I think I... oh, how about bees going to...umm... whatever bees go to, or flies to...oh, let's just go with the moth thing.!
"Boat of Romance" is just weird.  The good weird.

And stupid oblivious Phineas makes everything better.

It also brings forth someone whom a lot of people are generally flip-flopping about: Mishti.

Or they used to be.  I haven't really heard much from the fandom front from her lately.

But since I'm so out of sync with the updates, we'll go ahead and do something about that.

...Later in the week.
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It has been quite a while since I've updating on here, hasn't it?

Well, let's work to change that, shall we?

Over the past couple of months, I have really not had any sort of inclination to write.  And that's because of a myriad of things.  Work.  Stress.

...Mostly work.

It's disappointing because for my particular job, summer is sort of a lull period for me.  And I was hoping to get a lot of exciting, new material out to you guys.

And then that didn't happen.

Now, with my hours on the verge of transitioning to rush time, it will leave me a lot less time to write.

Frustrating, I know.

I was sitting at work, doing what I do, and thinking about what stories I want to continue doing, and which ones I needed to put on the backburner.  And to be quite honest, I was thinking about giving up the practice entirely.  I sort of lost my passion for writing.

It's weird.  I've been putting up stories and writing for and here for a little more than a year now, and there was a point in time where I was updating weekly.  I honestly don't know how I was able to do it, looking back.  Maybe it was because I was new, and didn't know any better.

I look at people like Freedom Fighter and see him updating almost every week without fail and think "How the frack does he do it?"  Maybe that's why I consider him one of the best fanfic writers out there, not because he updates often (sort of), but because he makes really good stories as well.

In any case, here's what it comes down to.

I do want to get back into the swing of things.  I want to get back to writing.  I have had a few people still liking my stories, on here and, and it's sort of make me feel better.  And it makes me want to write.  I've met a lot of people over the past year and change.  People have liked my stories.  People have loved my stories.  People have had...strong opinions about my story.

And I've had a few other things happen in the course of this year...but those are rather personal, so forgive me if I don't go into them.

I feel like I want to give to the newer people just as much as the old ones.  The people who just found me and love my stories are great.  I think they deserve more stuff to see, as well as the older people.  

With this posting hopefully comes a transition back somewhat into the swing of things.  My schedule will be wonky for the next few weeks, since I will have more hours to work, so I'll only have one-shots up for now.  But perhaps I can do a multi-chapter story after a while.

So stay tuned, kids.  Let's see if we can get this horse moseying along.

P.S. - I do want to add something else, since I've had a couple of people alert me to the...situation that's happened a couple of weeks ago.  While most of what I want to say won't help or change anything, I will say this:

When you get suspended for doing something, come back, and proceed to do the exact same thing that you were suspended for, don't be surprised when you get banned.  It's not very becoming.

Or smart.
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(I originally had a whole different journal coming up, but then this happened.)

I grew up on the Encyclopedia Brown series.

It was a series of books that let me into a much more basic time.  Nowadays, we have an outlandish amount of technology that basically does the crime solving and perpetrator busting for us.

But not when it came to Encyclopedia.

Rarely would a case show up that would involve little more than problem solving and a little cleverness.  You didn't need fancy fingerprinting, or DNA testing, or microbial...stuff.  All you needed was to think for a bit.

The Encyclopedia Brown series was surprisingly simple, and that worked.  It let the reader become immersed in the story and didn't try to confuse anyone with words or actions.  It let the mystery do the talking.

They were my favorite books when I was a kid, along with the Hardy Boys.  And while the Boys had their own special meaning to me, I always went back to good ol' Encyclopedia.

The series never had the overwhelming commercial success that other series had (like Twilight, or Harry Potter) but it didn't need sales to back up just how much it affected young kids.  It is also infamous for spawning several tropes over at TVTropes for its somewhat contradictory solutions to cases.

Of course, I say all this like the series is going to stop.  The newest book will be out in October, and you bet that I will be getting it.  For purely recollection purposes...

Yeah, right.

I never got to meet the man, but I know that he was a author through and through, writing even up to the final days of his life.  A man who never seemed to be satisfied with being done, or bringing smiles to the faces of his readers.

Thank you, Mr. Sobol, for not being satisfied.  It makes me, in turn, not satisfied with what I've done so far.  I know that I can do better, and I will keep doing my craft because I know you would not want your fellow writers to be satisfied with what they have either.

It took two dozen publishers rejecting you until you got your break.  Perhaps you knew, like your titular character, that you would always get your man (or pub) in the end.

Thank you for enriching my life as a young boy.  Thank you for teaching me about persistence, about not giving up, and how a little intelligence and imagination was all you needed to make a story.

...And for making me realize that mustard on sauerkraut is simply ridiculous.

Even though some people like it.

...Guess we can't have them all, right?

Rest in peace, Mr. Sobol.  After all of the work you've done, I think you've deserved a little rest.