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Disclaimer:  You know the drill by now.


Chapter 4 - Slang

"Do you have a book in your hand?"

"Yeah, what's it to ya?"

"Buford, the only things that I've ever seen you have in your hands are either food or Baljeet's head."

"True."  The bully shifted in his seat, the book draped over his lap.  "But nobody eva' said I could become distinguished."

Adyson shook her head as she turned onto her stomach.  "Yeah, like that would happened."

"You neva' know."  Buford started to leaf through his book.  "I could even make myself British like Ferbo."

"I...don't think that's how that works."

"Just look at this page."

Adyson got up and walked over to Buford to peer at the page.  "Buford, this is a bunch of British slang."

"I know.  If I start using words like stonkin' and winge, maybe Ferbo's cousins will be more inclined to notice my presence."

"What even goes on in your brain sometimes?  You're crazy!"

"You mean barmy, right?"

"I'm leaving."  Adyson made a motion to grab her backpack near the front door.

"Hold up, Sweets!  I haven't even gotten to the best parts yet."

"No, I'm pretty sure the best parts are behind us, Buford."

"Listen!"  Buford pointed a finger at the Fireside girl.  "I got no idea what ya going on about, but ya seem to be in some sort of nark.  It would be quite fittin' to put a sock in it so you can take a gander at the full monty."

For a second, Adyson's face was torn between amusement and incredulity, and Buford thought he had succeeded in impressing her.

"I don't even think you know what you just said."

And then the moment passed.

"Hey, I do!"  Buford looked down at his book, rapidly tearing through the pages.  "Just...give me a second."

Adyson slung her bag over her shoulder.  "I'm going to head home.  Try not to confuse yourself, OK?"

The boy was still rummaging in the book, not paying attention to her.  She took the opportunity to make sure she got the last word.

"You are a right pillock.  You know that, right?"


Adyson smirked as she showed herself out the door.

"...Wait, what?"


Rush - Chapter 4

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  I thought that I would only have to watch a few Achievement Hunter videos to get all of the British slang that I needed.  Unfortunately, Gavin didn't give me everything that I needed.  Good thing the Internet exists.

I'll probably have the final chapter out tomorrow, provided the subject that was given to me works out OK.  That...and I have other stories I need to get out.

Read and review, if you like.  Until next time.


Disclaimer:  All characters of Phineas and Ferb are the property of Dan Poooly crap am I really going to write the same thing three times in a row?  The answer is "Negatory"!

Chapter 3 - On His Sleeve

Phineas pulled what seemed to be the hundredth shirt out of his dresser and held it up for his brother to examine.

Another shrug of indifference.

"C'mon, Ferb!  You need to help me out here."

The green-haired boy raised a quizzical eyebrow at his sibling.

"What?  I need something better than my usual attire."


The one word was enough to completely throw Phineas off.  "What do you mean why?"

Ferb shrugged, returning his gaze back to his book.

The redhead walked over to the Brit's bead in a lousy attempt to intimidate his brother.  "Look, don't give me that silent treatment.  You're probably wondering why I would go through all of the trouble to find some different clothes if all I'm doing is meeting Isabella for lunch.  Hey, I wasn't even the one who asked her; she was the one who asked me.  And we're even going to that little cafe place that I would have not given a second glance at and I researched earlier in the day and they have these tiny little sandwiches with tuna in them..."

Ferb was going to interrupt after the cafe part just to say that Phineas was now haphazardly trying to shove his head into one of the sleeves of his shirt, but alas...he was having too much fun to stop him.

"And then you have to find something to go with the shirt.  Maybe a tie or a pocket square or a pocket protector--"



Ferb smirked, his brother's diatribe finally halted.  "Man, Isabella sure is making you crazy."

"She has nothing to do with that!"

Ferb grunted in disbelief.

"OK, so she does, but not as much as you think."

"Just calm down, Phineas.  I only asked a simple question.  You were the one with the speech."

The redhead sighed, straightening his collar in the mirror.  "I feel like my heart's about to burst."

"I have an idea."


Ferb got up silently from his bed and strode over to his brother.  Without a word, he grabbed his shoulder, made a motion to grab an invisible object, and proceeded to place his hand on his chest.  He patted it twice, gave Phineas a wink and a thumbs-up, and headed downstairs...

All the while Phineas watched with narrowed eyes.

"...What just happened?"


Rush - Chapter 3

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Think about it for a second.

And the title.

It'll come to you.

I'll wait.

...OK, I won't wait.  See, this is what happens when I try to do cerebral work.  It's "cerebral"ously cheezy.

.......This is also what happens when you finish writing quick shots at 2:30 in the morning.  So I'll just leave on that note.

Read and review, if you like.  Until next time.


Disclaimer:  All characters of Phineas and Ferb are the property of Dan, Swampy, and Disney.


Chapter 2 - Sandwich

"Do we even know what this guy is talking about?"

"Something about healthy foods or taking care of your body, I can't really hear them." 

"Why doesn't he turn his mic up?"

"I don't know.  Why don't you go up there and ask him?"

"Because I'm currently being smushed together with everyone else in the school." 

Indeed, Adyson and Katie were not in the most comfortable of positions.  Being herded into the auditorium to watch a presentation on health and the body not only was a unwelcome intrusion to their day, but it wasn't exactly comfortable for everyone to be sitting so close to each other.

Or...I should say almost everyone. 

"I don't know, ladies," Irving said, nudging both of them in the shoulder.  "I don't really mind this."

"Well, of course you don't."  Adyson elbowed him back rather hard in the gut.  "You're completely surrounded by the people who would usually be ignoring you." 

"Adyson, that was mean."

"Hey, I'm speaking the truth."

"She is."

"Irving, don't help her out!" Katie fumed.  "She already has enough as it is."

He shrugged slightly.  "Meh, what can you do about it?"  He stretched his arms around both of their shoulders to hold them closer.  "At least I have the company of my two favorite girls.  It's like a Irving sandwich."

Adyson plucked his hand off of her and grimaced.  "Yeah, I'm going to go with a 'No' on that one."

"Hey, I don't mind, Irving," Katie said as she leaned closer to him.  "We'll be like an open-faced Irving sandwich."

"Bleh.  More like a knuckle sandwich up his--"



Rush - Chapter 2

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Two updates in two days?  Inconceivable!

I did say I was going to update this one within a week, right?

...Or maybe I didn't.  OK, let me say it now:  An update a day for a week is the intent.

Two for two.  Let's hope this continues.

Read and review if you like.  Until next time, people.


Disclaimer: All characters of Phineas and Ferb are the property of Dan, Swampy, and Disney.


Chapter 1 - Collectible

There were a lot of things that Baljeet and Buford did not agree on.

Education. Violence. Sports. Dystopian societies, or as the bully called them, "times where nobody got nothin'."

Among other things.

But every once in a while, the two could come together and share a common interest.

How come I can't find any of these rare monsters?”

Even if it frustrated one of them to no end.

Buford, monster catching is a fickle process. You have to have a deft hand.”

My ears are up here, Nerd.”

Baljeet rolled his eyes. “I said 'deft', not 'deaf'.”

They peered over their cards, freshly excavated from their booster packs.  This particular game had been making its sweeps through the school due to its popularity, and Buford and Baljeet were no exception.

Heck, the only person that didn't seem to think it very fun was--

Hey! Buford!”

Buford sighed loudly. “Speakin' of deaf...”

Adyson strode up to the lunch table, slamming her palms down in a huff. “We had a project to work on for English class. Don't tell me you forgot!”

Oh, that reminds me,” Buford said, rifling through his cards. “I have a Engrameer that I don't need. Ya want it, 'Jeet?"

"I will take it, yes."

Adyson glanced from Buford to Baljeet and back again, her agitation rising. "You know that game is for kids, right?"

"Sweets, I don't think ya realize this," Buford stated, leaning over the table, "But we are kids."

"Adyson, I cannot believe that I am saying this, but Buford is indeed correct in his observation," the Indian boy surmised. He picked up an extra booster pack from his bag and opened it cautiously. “And did you not finish that project already?”

I finished the project. All I have left is to write the participation report, and I just wanted to let him know (thrusting her head at Buford, who was now counting cards) that I'm going to make sure he gets a worse grade on it than me.” Adyson turned to the bully. “Well, Buford, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

...Aw man, I got two Mancrank cards!”

Adyson made a noise that was a cross between a gorilla grunt and a constipated antelope. She straightened up, throwing her hands in the air. "Boys are stupid!" With that, she stomped off fuming.

"I do not have any idea what just happened."

"Me neitha'. Ya' got a Wildabeast?"

"I believe I do. Let me check."

And not a single Floguck was given that afternoon. In more ways than one.


Rush - Chapter 1

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As you probably notice per the title, these are suppose to be sort of quick little one-shots. As you have also probably noticed, over the last year or so...I haven't done anything that can resemble quick.

I was given a few ideas by a coworker of mine, who is a fellow fanfiction writer like myself (and also who's identity I will not divulge...yet). She knows full well the kind of frustration comes with having writer's block. She also knows that I constantly complain to her about the aforementioned writer's block.

The hope is that I can knock out one story a day just to get back into the swing of things. If it works, great. If it doesn't...well, then there's another story I will have unfinished.

Joyous occasion.

Read and review if you like. Until next time, people.


Disclaimer:  All characters of Phineas and Ferb are the property of Dan, Jeff, and Swampy.  The year or so that it took to update this belong to all of the soda, snacks, and Five Hour Energies that I'm about to drink in preparation for the next two weeks.


Chapter 5 - Fight For Your Right

Baljeet was never one to be short on words.

Or use short words.

Or even think of things for a short period of time.

Which is probably why he wasn't able to sleep at all that night.

So that was probably why he arrived in the lobby of the school that morning with red eyes and an attitude that would've put even Buford in his place.

This was the problem when you had a higher than average IQ and your brain ran through every possible scenario at the wee hours of the morning.

But at least he had a plan now.  Or...something that his sleep-deprived mind had concluded to be a plan.

And there was the target.  Right near her locker, almost as if she was waiting for him.

This was almost making things worse.

Ginger turned toward Baljeet as he approached, waving hello.  "Hey, Baljeet.  I'm glad you're here; did you get my message about--"

She must have seen his face, because she immediately snapped her mouth shut.  He didn't even make a motion for his locker, only grabbing her by the arm.

"We need to talk."

She cocked her head to the side.  "Baljeet, the bell just rang.  Shouldn't we be getting to class?"


OK, now she was worried.  She wordlessly let him lead him nearby to an empty classroom.  She walked inside as he turned on the lights and locked the door.

"Baljeet, what is going on?  I'm going to be late for class, and we still need to figure out our plans for ton--"

She turned around to see Baljeet's face, still as serious as when he walked in the door.

And there was something in his hand.  Something really familiar.

All of the color from her face drained out in an instant.

"Wha...Where did you get that from?"

"You seemed to have forgotten it in the park last night.”

Ginger started sweating, not because of any sort of humidity, but because of the small red notebook Baljeet currently held in his hand.

Her notebook.

Play it cool, she thought.  Play it cool and you might leave this room with your dignity intact.

“Yeah, I was looking for my notebook this morning.  I'm so glad you found it!”  She put on her best smile as she reached for it.  “I'm going to need that---”


Baljeet slapped the notebook onto the desk, cutting her off.

“You're going to need it for what exactly?”

So much for dignity.

“You...didn't happen to read any of it in there, did you?”

Just a stare from Baljeet.

“Listen...”  She began to slowly walk toward him, her hands held forward.  “You need to listen to me, Baljeet.  I can explain all of this...”

“Oh, really?”  Baljeet drummed the top of the desk as he continued to stare at her.  "I would sure love to hear the clarification of these transgressions."

...Yeah, the chance for that dignity might as well evaporated into thin air.

"Baljeet..."  She set her hand on his desk, her fingers right on her notebook.  "If you really think about it, you are I aren't that different."

His cold gaze went even more frigid.  "Really?  That is the route we are going to do down?"

"We're both smart people.  We have an affinity for the sciences.  We both love annoying Buford."

The last one had meant to lighten the mood a little bit, but Baljeet wasn't having any of it.  She continued on.  "We're both meticulous planners.  If...if you stop and think..."  She edged her hand ever so closer to his."...What you do with your schedule...and what I sort of the same thing."

Baljeet could do almost nothing but glare at her.  Ginger was afraid that he was permanently stuck in that terrifying position.  After almost a minute of silence, he spoke up.

"I am planning out my schedule and homework and a lot of things that I am now realizing probably do not need to be planned."  He shook his head slightly.  "But I do not plan people.  I am not sitting down and trying to calculate someone else's every single move."

Backing off, Ginger stood there shaking as he began to pace down the length of the classroom.

"Do you think I am just some person that you can manipulate into doing whatever you want, Ginger?  Is that all you think of me?"

"Of course not."

"Then what is all of this?" he angrily retorted, motioning to her notebook.  "Suggesting we go to the park?  Making sure Adyson is there with Buford?  Her giving you supplies to help you?"

"She didn't know what I needed them for," she whispered.

"Oh!  So you failed to tell her that you needed them for your scheme."

"Baljeet, I wasn't--"

"Has everything that has taken place within the last year just a lie?  Were you really being nice to get your 'Help Thy Neighbor' patch, or was it just to send subliminal messages to me?  The gift that you gave me two weeks ago?  The clothes?  Was that something just to buy my attention?"

"I didn't--"

"I wonder what is next on your list.  Lure me over to your house.  Set up the troop to throw a parade for me.  Pay off the mayor to turn Main Street into Baljeet Boulevard.  Anything to get my attention, ri-"


Baljeet did indeed pause, his face radiating with anger.  He had just enough sense to notice Ginger's eyes were welling up with tears and her hands were grabbing the front of his shirt.

"I didn't...I didn't do all of this to just mess with you, Baljeet."

"Oh, really?  Because it sure seems that way."

"You have to believe me.  I would never do something like that to you."

Baljeet did not immediately speak.  Instead, he plucked the notebook off of the desk and held it up to her face.  He slowly and forcefully whispered his next sentence.

"Then why is there a notebook with a week's worth of plans directly related to me in your possession?"

Ginger stayed quiet, her hands now shaking uncontrollably.  He took the moment to continue onward.

"Literally everything that has happened in the past few days has been in here, Ginger.  You getting me my gift?  I can understand that.  But lying about Holly's whereabouts?  Suggesting the park so that Adyson and Buford would be there, thus 'creating' a precarious situation?  Planning to have some sort of fight or argument with your sister so that I would side with you?  That is all in here."

Baljeet's vision began to grow cloudy as well, though the water in his eyes were there for a different reason than Ginger's.  "Should I even begin to imagine what else you have subliminally doing to get my attention?  How far are you willing to let me go back?  A month?  Two months?  A year?  How far back does this go?  Does this not seem a little creepy to you?"

It would have almost been better if she had slapped him.  Or punched him.  Or kicked him in the shin.  Or done any number of things that would have caused him physical harm.  But the only thing she seemed capable of doing was looking in any other direction but his.

"I do not appreciate people lying to my face.  Or manipulating me into doing what they want.  As the old saying goes, I was born in the dark, but it was most definitely not last night."

Baljeet set the notebook down, the worst of his tirade ready to come out.

"And do you know what the worst part is?"

Ginger said nothing.

"The worst that I don't even know if this (he waved around the room) was in your plan.  You getting alone with me, you purposefully leaving your notebook for me to find, and now we're here arguing and all of a sudden you will say something that is surely going to make me forget everything that has happened.  I cannot trust anything that you do now, because I do not know if you are doing it out of the goodness of your heart of if there is some sort of ulterior motive you have."

He leaned forward, his face inches away from hers.

"Are you really my friend, Ginger?  Or am I just a...thing to you?  A situation.  A problem that you have to solve.  Some sort of prize that you have to obtain.  What am I to you?  Right now?  And just to let you know," he concluded, "you should think really hard about how you are going to answer that question."

He sat down in the nearest chair, his eyes not leaving Ginger's.

"So let us hear it.  I am all ears."

And it was in that moment of his rage finally receding that he saw the Japanese girl's eyes start tearing up.


She couldn't get anything out.

"I didn't..."

Ginger started backing toward the door, and Baljeet realized his words may had cut her a little too deeply.

"I have to go."

She barreled through the exit, with the Indian boy shouting after her.

"Ginger, wait!"

He ran toward the door and yanked it see nothing but an empty hallway.  Had Baljeet put two and two together, he would've realized that last night's abrupt departure was not an anomaly.  Too bad he wasn't thinking about that.

He leaned on the lockers as he tried to clear his head.  Crossing the line was not in his itinerary, but a small part of him thought it was just desserts for a situation gone terribly wrong.  That small part, however, was overwhelmed by the fact that he had said several things, no matter how justified he thought they were, that had broken Ginger.

And now he was even more confused and upset than before.


Without even thinking, he threw his fist into the nearest supply locker.  His feelings of anger had boiled over...

And was now rapidly being replaced by the feelings of pain.

“Aaaand I think I just broke my hand.”


This Crazy Little Thing - Chapter 5

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Invariably, I'm not updating this more than a few months at a time.

I'm fairly upset and disappointed in myself for leaving off at the climax of this fic.  The emotions would work so much better if there wasn't...Oh, I don't know...about a year between chapters.

I hope that it still comes off as good writing, at the least.

For those who are a little confused, you should probably read (at the very least) the last chapter.  Or all of it.  That wouldn't hurt, either.

Read and review, if you wish.  Until next time, everyone.

I wonder if Senpai will notice me.

...Whoever Senpai is.
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