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Disclaimer: All characters of Phineas and Ferb are undoubtedly, and always will be, the property of Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, and the Disney Channel.


"Well, Ferb...looks like we've arrived at the end of yet another summer."

His brother nodded.

"We certainly managed to accomplish a lot this year. Except for that giant pillow fort. Turns out we had a distinct lack of pillows. In any case," he continued, "I feel very good about the past few months."

Another nod from Ferb.

"But this school year will be different, Ferb!" Phineas straightened up, a finger pointed in the air. "This year, we're going to make sure that school will not wear away the minds of the outspoken and creative! The teachers will try to wear us down, but we will persevere! All of our memories will carry on! We will be the saviors of the broken, defeated, and the-"

"Three things."

"Hmm?" Phineas looked back to see Ferb holding his fingers in the air.

"One...I thought you liked school."

"I do. I'm just being comically dramatic."

"Two...I don't think anybody reading is going to understand that reference."


"Three," Ferb continued, ignoring his question, "Your inspiring speech would have probably been more effective if we were not sitting in front of the school right now."

Phineas looked up at the front doors of Danville Elementary and chuckled. "Yeah, I suppose."

A loud commotion from behind them caused the brothers to turn on the spot. Buford was walking up to the courtyard with Baljeet, arguing with him about something.

"The space-time continuum is a very fickle thing, Buford. That is all I am saying."

"Yeah, some minds just aren't equipped to deal with these sorts of intricacies."

"Are Buford and Baljeet having an actual intelligent conversation?" Phineas and Ferb turned again to see Django and Irving behind them, the former with his blue backpack and the latter with a bunch of books. "Now I've heard everything."

The redhead glanced at his brother. "We're not still in the time loop, are we, Ferb?"

He took a look at his watch and shook his head.

"Good. Just wanted to make sure we didn't get sucked into another rift."

"Rift? Time loop?" Django looked at Irving. "Did I miss something?"

"Man, don't worry about it." Irving patted him on the shoulder. "This is just the sort of thing that you really had to be there for."

"...Irving, you were only there at the end."

"Eh. Details."

Baljeet shook his head silently, mystified.

"Do you have the photos I sent you yesterday?" Phineas asked Irving.

"Yup," he replied. "All ready to go. I just need to mess around with a few minor things, and I'll have it for you tomorrow."

"It's so nice that ya get to be included in all of our shenanigans, Fanboy," Buford mocked. "Ya come a long way since randomly appearing in Dinnah Bell's house that one time."

"I have my own dynamic, Buford," Irving retorted, shrugging. "I bring a ne sais quoi to the group."

"...Yeah, ya right. We really don't know what ya bring. Beside weirdness."

"Listen, you..."

As Buford and Irving continued on their argument, Baljeet leaned into Phineas, who was busy looking at his watch. "I hate to be the bearer of unnecessary exposition, but what are we waiting for? The bell is going to ring soon."


"Hi, Phineas."

"Oh, hey, Isabella." The redhead looked up to see his next-door neighbor had arrived, flanked by the members of her Fireside Girl troop.

"What'cha doing?" she asked.

"Just waiting for you guys. How was the drive?"

"Oh, it was fine. It's getting harder to fit all of us in my mom's minivan, though. Although some of us took their time getting ready."

"Hey, my alarm didn't wake me. It was like it didn't want me to go to school," Adyson piped up, then looked over at Buford, who had Irving's shirt in his hand. "Buford, would you put him down? It's like you can't go one day without punching someone."

Buford stopped, his fist poised in mid-air. "Oh, c'mon, just a little tap."


The bully sighed, setting Irving down. "Fine. Apparently, I'm not allowed to have fun anymore."

"What you're going to do today is not get in trouble. You're going to walk in there and you're going to be nice to people." Adyson put her hands on her hips. "I'm sure you can manage that, right?"

"Sweets, you do realize this is me we're talking about, right? Not some Bizarro Me from another dimension?"

Isabella turned away from the argument and spoke to Phineas. "Well, should we be going inside?"

"In a second. I want to say something real quick." Phineas brought his fingers to his mouth, and in one loud whisper, quieted the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Now begins a new year of school for us!" Patriotic music began to play in the background as But this is no time for dwelling. It's a time for remembrance. The summer we had was one of the best ever! The times we-"

"Phineas," Baljeet said, cutting both the music and him off, "Did we not do this whole reminiscing thing yesterday? Seems repetitive, does it not?"

"Well...yeah. But that was yesterday. School's here now, and we're...not going to have as much time to do the things we did during the summer. We had some good times."

"Yes, and we were there for all of them." Seeing the narrowed eyes of Django, Baljeet winced. "OK, most of them."

Phineas was struggling to follow up with something, but a familiar hand landed on his shoulder to stop him.

"I think I know what Phineas is trying to say." Isabella said, giving him her best smile. "He just doesn't want us to forget them. We've had so many good times during this summer, and we don't want school to bring us down."

"That's right. We're all eventually going to get older and move on to other places and do other things. It's best to remember these things now before we forget them."

"Oh, come off it."

The group, whose attention had been on Phineas, turned at Buford's outburst. "Ya make it sound like we're all just gonna walk up and leave. We ain't goin' anywhere! So don't get all mopey on us, Dinnah Bell! Just look at us!"

He grabbed Baljeet and pulled him into a headlock, rubbing his head. "We're the tightest group of people around! Heck, those two (he jabbed a thumb at Django and Milly) are practically married already!" Ignoring the vehement blushes out of the both of them, he continued on. "We're here to stay, Phineas. We're always gonna be friends to the end!"


"Really?" Buford rolled his eyes at the group response. "See, this is why I don't do these things."

"It is OK, Buford," Baljeet said as he elbowed him in the ribs. "It is nice to know that you care about us."

"This is awesome!" Irving grabbed Buford and Irving, pulling them into a bear hug. "I love you guys!"

"What did I say about the touching, Fanboy?"

"Whoops." He gingerly removed his arm from Buford. "Sorry."


The school bell rang loud and true, and the gang began to make their way inside. Adyson sauntered next to Buford and smiled. "See, being nice isn't so bad, now is it?"

"Yeah, it actually felt kinda good," Buford admitted. He clapped his hands together. "Well, glad that's over with. Now I can get back to my quota."

"Buford, you have to be nice for the entire day, not just now."

"What? That didn't count for the whole day?"

Adyson smacked her forehead in anguish.

Phineas paused once the group went through the doors to take one last look outside. Yes, he may have been a little over-dramatic, but it was like the end of an era. Summer was gone, and school was here again. For now, he had to shelve his Big Ideas for the future.

He thought back to the first day of summer. The one with the rollercoaster.

The summer sure was a rollercoaster, in a sense. It had its ups and down, the twists and turns, and even getting thrown for a loop. But in the end, it had to stop and let its passengers off. Sometimes, summer was a harsh mistress.

Such a killer queen it was, Phineas thought.

"Making obscure song references again, Phineas?"

He smiled, recognizing her voice. "You know me too well, Isabella."

She came into his view with a smirk on her face. "It's like I've lived next door to you for the entirety of my life."

Phineas looked up at one of the clouds. "I made another one earlier, and I doubt that anyone's going to get that one either."

"Probably not."

They sat in silence for a moment, enjoying the company. Then, she offered up her hand.

"Come on, everyone's waiting for us."

The redhead glanced at her. "Do I really have to go in?"

"Yes, Phineas," Isabella answered. "Have to keep moving forward, right? Seizing the day won't stop for anyone, much less you."

He grabbed on, his blush creeping up. "You know,'re really smart sometimes."

Isabella's mind cheered for the silent victory as she squeezed his hand. "I learn from the best."



AUTHOR'S NOTE: Two obscure song references in the same fic? I must be drinking again.

Water, of course.

I have been away on vacation for the past week, so I have not really gotten an opportunity to sit down and write anything. But of course, I can't stay away for too long. Especially when Phineas and Ferb is now over.

I originally had something very different in mind when I started on this, but of course, like almost all of my fics, it morphed into something else. A remembrance, so to speak, without being too overly sappy. I probably failed miserably. Oh well.

Anyone who is a regular watcher of my stuff knows that I have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship with the show. Over the past couple of years, I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up with the show. I will be the first one to admit that.

But I've caught up, and I must say: the show's still just as good as when I first started watching it. And while it is sad to see it end, at the very least, the fanbase can know that they ended on a high note.

And not add another season on the end of it just for giggles.

...I'm looking at you, Teen Titans.

I've already done this through a different avenue earlier, but to the people who worked on the show (everyone, from the voice actors to the writers), I wanted to thank you for helping make a show that has had a profound effect on me. Thank you to the fanbase for being (mostly) accommodating to an old hoot like me. Thank you to all the readers and reviewers that I've had over the years. It means a lot that someone takes the time to sit down, read my stories, and actually enjoy them. Thank you.

That being said...I'm not stopping.

I hope that the fanbase will still be existent as we get down the road. Even on here, it's not a particularly large story archive, but it's a passionate one. One that I hope to still be a part of in the future.

And I still have a ton of story ideas that I want to work on and share with you guys. And maybe...just maybe...I'll update on a regular basis.

I know. Shocking.

Thank you to everyone. Subscribe if you want to get updates, read and review if you like. Ladies and gents...

Until next time.


Disclaimer: This particular one-shot is based off of "Rocks and Water", so you'll want to re-watch to pay attention to what's going on. Or not. You don't have to. You are your own man/woman/human/other.

The Teen Titans animation is the property of Glen Murakami and Warner Bros. Animation.


Beast Boy rocked back in his chair. It wasn't every day that he was entirely pleased with himself, but he topped himself with this.

He had just submitted his newest work about fifteen minutes before, but based off of his previous view data, he was already rewarding himself with another fanatical daydream about him swimming in the mass of adoring fans.

Of course, his latest creation was about a subject he would rather not dwell on. She was still on his mind years later. That much had not changed.

Beast Boy had written about her before, and while that was not as difficult, this one was on another level. Maybe it was just the culmination of the several stories he had done before.

A light knock on his door interrupted his thoughts. Beast Boy glanced at his bedside clock and groaned. Who was up at this hour? Not even Robin bothered the team this early on the weekends.

He wondered over to the door and opened it...

Well, this was a surprise.

"Hello...Beast Boy."

He rolled his eyes at the newcomer. "Raven, I haven't even done anything to you yet today. Why are you even here?"

"You know very well why."

"...No, I actually don't." He looked back again at his clock. "You're up early."

"I'm always up this early." Raven held up her cup of tea. "If you were awake more often before one in the afternoon, you would know that."

Beast Boy motioned dramatically behind him. "Do you want to come in?"

"Is your room clean?"


"Is your room capable of sustaining human life?"


"Fair enough." She walked in with her mug, Beast Boy closing the door behind her.

"I see that you're keeping up with your adoring fans," Raven said, nodding to his computer. "I'm surprised you waited this long for Cyborg to get you an actual personal computer instead of you using the main one."

"Eh, it's kind of slow, but it gets the job done. I'm so used to planning it out on paper. Plus, there's way too many buttons."

Raven rolled her eyes. "It's called the 'alphabet', Beast Boy."

"I know what that is, Rae."

Ignoring his nickname, she focused back onto her tea. "So why are you up so early? Couldn't sleep again?"

"Yeah, it's been-" Beast Boy stopped, confusion on his face. "How do you know about that?"

She pointed to her head. "Empath, remember?"

"The path of what?"

Raven's finger hung in the air for a moment, followed up by a sigh. "I can feel emotions, Beast Boy. Lately, my brain's been picking up strong emotional stress. And since you are the one right down the hall..."

"How do you know they're not anyone else's?"

"Because none of them are thinking this hard about Terra."

The silence in the air was deafening.

"And since you're currently writing about her, I would imagine that is the cause of your sleeplessness."

For a moment, even in Raven's monotone explanation, she thought that she had gone too far. Beast Boy's face crinkled into confusion, then anger, then deep thought, all in a single moment. And then he opened his mouth.

"You're RathInDaHoodz!"

...Well, this was unexpected. "I'm what now?"

"I should've known! That's a screen name only Cyborg would think up! Admit it!"

"I literally have no idea what you're talking about." She took another nonchalant sip from her cup.

"Well, that person is the only one whose left a review since I've uploaded my latest story."

Raven stopped mid-gulp.

"And who exactly would be smart enough to be up early enough to comment and come into my room not five minute later and talk about said story? Hmm?"

Raven composed herself mentally, shrugging him off. "You did say you wanted me to read your works."

Beast Boy's smug look grew even bigger. "So you're not denying it."

"What I do in the morning is none of your business."

"And yet here you are."

The spellcaster cocked her head, impressed. "You've really thought this through, haven't you?"

Beast Boy wasn't finished there. "I bet you even sit in front a computer just waiting for me to upload. Heck, did Cyborg bug this computer for you, so that you can just telepathically send in a review every time you sense that I'm in the middle of writing."

Aaaand there it went. "That's possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard you say. And I've heard you say a lot of stupid things."

"Oh yeah?" Beast Boy glared. "Name one."

"You thought that a platypus was someone just taping the head of a duck to the body of a beaver."

"They're a freak of nature! Nothing that weird can just...exist!"

Raven thought for a moment, tapping the lip of her mug. "Well, you're not wrong." She took the opportunity to jab a thumb at his computer. "This is the part of the story where I would normally give you some piece of advice about holding on to someone's memory for too long, right? I think you wrote that one already."

"How do you think I can even write this stuff?"

She looked up at him again. "Hmm?"

"If I wasn't at peace with it, I wouldn't even be able to do any of the ones with her in it." Beast Boy returned her gaze. "Or did you forget to say anything when you commented on the other ones?"

For once, it was Raven who was silent.

"It's like all of this stuff flows through me. Emotions, feelings. The writing helps with it. I know she's not coming back, Raven. But that's why it's easy for me now to do this stuff now."

"...Wow." She was even more surprised. "A thoughtful response. I never thought I would see the day." She made her way over to his door, empty mug in hand. "Just don't let it overrun you, OK? We wouldn't want your fans to think you've gone crazy."

Beast Boy smiled. "Wouldn't think of it."

"The others should be up by now. I'll see you downstairs?"

"In a sec. I need to finish up something first."

"Suit yourself." Raven went out into the hallway, but not before turning back and saying "You should probably read what I wrote on your story before you come down. It might help a little bit."

"I'll do that," he said. "Thanks, Rae."

As the door closed behind her, Beast Boy sat down at his desk, ready to see what she had written. It couldn't be that bad, right?

Oh, dear. Quite the opposite.

Raven's back landed softly on the closed door of his bedroom. She was still in thought about the conversation, tapping her mug absentmindedly. Never ceased to amaze her, that Beast Boy. His writing was improving, as well as his deductive reasoning.

She smirked slightly as she remembered from earlier.

"I told Cyborg that name was too obvious."



AUTHOR'S NOTE: Word to the wise: don't let Cyborg pick your screen names. He's not subtle.

This is number three of my mini-series on the crossover of TT and TTG!. I should probably learn to update these a little more often, because I have at least one more idea from a TTG! episode. Still gotta write it, though.

Spectacle will hopefully be updated on the weekend. I had a good run going for a bit, but the end of the semester is...draining, to say the least. Summer should be a good time for updates, though.

Read and review, in the meantime. Until next time, everyone.


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Disclaimer: Even though there are no lyrics to go with it, special thanks goes out to the titular song by Meghan Trainor. Just...ignore the naughtier parts. This is the PG rated interpretation.

What am I missing though? Something about not owning something?

...Oh well.

Dear Future Husband

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. If you don't know me, you will soon enough.

If you wish to be the one that I adore, here are a couple of things that you should probably know about me."

He looked up at the girl beside her. "And how old were you when you wrote this, again?"


"I am someone who doesn't need very much. Just a date every significant day, and perhaps a whimsical outing every now and again."

"You had very good language skills when you were six."

"Oh, shut up," she said mockingly.

"It's very important that you understand how busy I can be, between my duties as a Lil' Spark, a future Fireside Girl, and a member of the Danville community. The time that we will spend together may be brief, but we can make the very best of it, up to and including school, gatherings with friends and families, and the aforementioned dates."

"Can I just say that this is beginning to sound more and more like a contract than an actual letter to someone?" he asked.

"I didn't...actually think this was going to be read by anyone."

"Well," he added, poking her in the ribs, "Don't leave it in a box in the attic where I can find it next time."

"I've found that a relationship only thrives when it is based off of trust. Therefore, believe in yourself, and most of all, believe in me and everything I do."

"Gee, how forward thinking of you."

"I was six!" the woman yelled. "I didn't know any better! Gimme that..." She began swatting at his hands to get the letter, but not before he continued on.

"Love is a many-splendored thing. This is not only the name of a great old movie, but a key point in any relationship. Keep your wits about you and you might get rewarded with something extra special."

He smirked and glanced aside at her whose face was turning an alarming shade of red. "Did you...even know what you meant when you wrote that?"

She stopped struggling, her face turning an impressive shade of pink.

"Shall I continue?"

She swept her hair back, turning away. "Well, you're almost done. You might as well finish it."

His eyes wandered back to the bottom of the page and grinned.

"What?" she asked. "What did I-"

His hand found his way into his, their fingers intertwining.

"But above all, just know that while I am not perfect, even with what you've just read, know that I will always believe in you, unconditionally and always. I can only ask that you do so in return. If so...wonderful things will bound to happen."

Phineas turned to her, his smile even wider. "See, it wasn't all bad. You were pretty smart when you were young."

Isabella shuffled in her seat next to him. "Not smart enough to get rid of that right after I wrote it."

"Well, as I was reading it, I couldn't help but notice that most of that stuff was completely exaggerated," Phineas laughed. "But you were right about one part."

The redhead looked down at their hands, the wedding rings glistening in the sunlight.

"We believed in each other...and wonderful things happened."


Dear Future Husband

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As mentioned earlier, this is a somewhat PG rated version based off of the song. Ignore the naughtier bits.

Or whatever. I didn't, which is why this is rated a little higher.

This is just a little Phinbella piece that is hopefully going to get me back into the swing of things. I'm going to have to get Baljeet and Ginger together eventually. You'll have to pardon me. Summer semester students are...interesting, to say the least.

Read and review, if you like. Until next time, everyone.


Disclaimer: I do not own the Tri-State Area Convention Center. Or this fictitious awards ceremony. Or anything associated with Phineas and Ferb.

Chapter 9 – Beauty and A Breakdown?

The drive to the ceremony was largely uneventful, if only for the fact that Coltrane was sitting between Baljeet and Ginger, robbing him of any opportunity to embarrass himself again. Stacy and her mom were preoccupied with some discussion that he couldn't hear, so he was content with looking out the window, watching the other cars pass by.

He could almost feel her gaze on him, even though he didn't dare take a chance to return the stare. If Coltrane was purposefully blocking her, he didn't know it.

But he was still doing a very good job all the same.

"Alright, guys, we're almost here."

Wait a minute.

Baljeet craned his neck to see the convention center come into view. He had been there before for the Sci-Fi Convention not too long ago, but the large amount of grown-ups in suits was a stark contrast to the costumed kids he was accustomed to. There was already a group lined up at the door, which Mrs. Hirano drove up to, where a valet was waiting for her.

"Lance!" She clearly knew who he was. "What do they have you out here for? Aren't you usually at downtown?"

"They needed all hands on deck, Doctor," the young man replied. "We have more VIPs than expected coming out tonight."

"Well, that makes me feel better," Mrs. Hirano said, rolling her eyes. "Give me a minute to get the posse out."

"Very well, Doctor."

As the five of them made their way out of the car, Baljeet walked around to the woman's side, followed closely by Coltrane and Ginger. Stacy was close to her mom as they headed into the center.

Inside was even more crowded. Several men and women were gathered in the lobby, making small talk. Baljeet was only able to recognize a couple of them as being clients of his mother. A few of the couples were walking around arm in arm, dressed to the nines.

"I...did not think there would be that many people here."

"Well, this is the greater medical community from all across the Tri-State area. And there are more people being honored other than myself, so they had to make enough room here," Mrs. Hirano explained. "Or did Ginger not tell you that?" she added with a smirk.

Baljeet said nothing, instead continuing to gaze around the lobby.

"Stacy, I'm going to find someone who has an itinerary. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

As she headed off, Coltrane leaned into his girlfriend. "You recognize anybody here?"

"Absolutely not. Although I thought I saw another kid running around as we walked in. It looked like one of Ginger's friends."

At the mention of her name, Baljeet looked over to the younger Hirano, whose eyes were darting around at all of the people. He walked over to her just as she seemingly finished a conversation with herself.

"...Like that one time."

"Are you OK?"

Ginger's eyes went to Baljeet, not moving her head. "There was one time...where we had to dress up for a Fireside Girls ceremony. Nice clothes and all. It wasn't anywhere as formal as this, though."

He looked down at her white knuckles. "Your hands are shaking. You're nervous."

"Of course I am." Ginger's voice quivered slightly. "It's a little different when you're not the center of attention. I just don't want to do something stupid and embarrass Mom. I probably look like a horrible mess."

"Ginger, you look the exact opposite of a horrible mess. You're...wonderfully tidy."

"...You have a weird way of trying to make me feel better."

"Listen, you are the one that invited me. And I am somewhat used to this. It is nothing to worry about."

She looked away from him. "Technically, you invited you. I didn't want you to feel like you were forced. You're here because of me."

Aaand there were the nerves again.

Baljeet felt his face get red. "I am here because I want to, Ginger. Besides," he added, looking up at Stacy and Coltrane, "this is an opportunity we will probably not be able to get to experience for quite some time. We'll meet a few people, get fed, listen to a couple of speeches, and knowing you, probably get a few job offers."

Ginger giggled nervously. "Little too young, right?"

"No, probably not."

She felt an elbow gently poke her in the ribs, and she turned to see Baljeet offering his arm.

"If indeed you still are, there is no point in being alone. We can be nervous together."

"Baljeet...I thought..."

"Ginger, I am saying this as your friend and keep in mind that it is me who is saying this: I believe we are both thinking too much."

She smiled as she looped her arm through his. "Thank you," she whispered.

"Well, is this the Hirano posse?"

Both Ginger and Baljeet looked up to see a portly man walk up to them, his cane clacking on the floor. "I'd recognize a Hirano anywhere. You've got your mother's looks, the both of you."

"I'm glad I gave them something, Robert."

"Ahh, Naomi!" The man turned to see Dr. Hirano right behind him, a paper in her hands. "Always able to sneak around this old guy! You should go to ninja school!"

"Flunked out of it, unfortunately," she laughed, giving him a hug. "Robert, I don't think I've properly introduced my family. This is my oldest daughter Stacy with her boyfriend Coltrane, and this is my youngest daughter Ginger with her friend Baljeet. Kids, this is Robert Goulding, my boss at the hospital."

"A pleasure to meet you all!" Robert exclaimed with a wave of his cane, which Baljeet had to duck. "Naomi speaks very highly of each of you. I expect great things in the future from you kids. Not to mention you, son."

The Indian boy was confused. "Why me, sir?"

"Because I've worked with your mom on numerous project, Mr. Tjinder. She has a great brain between her shoulders and always tells wonders of your schoolwork. You could probably join our medical team right now and outpace a quarter of my staff!"

"That is very flattering, sir. But I do believe I need a little bit more education."

"Of course! Don't want to rush these things, do we?" Robert spied Ginger's arm on his and winked. "Although it seems there's at least one idea you've scurried along at a fast pace, if I don't say so myself!"

"As much as I would love to talk further," Mrs. Hirano said, cutting him off, "I believe the dinner is about to start. Don't you have a speech to make?"

"Oh dear, I suppose I do! Best to be off! Congratulations again, Doctor! I'll see you in the gala!" Robert scurried off, almost bowling over another couple before disappearing into the crowd.

Coltrane snorted, barely able to contain himself. "That's your boss?"

"Yes," the woman said simply. "You'll have to forgive him; he gets sort of excitable at these events. Robert is a really kind gentlemen, though." She waved them forward. "Come on, they're filing everyone into the ballroom now."

As they made their way to the entrance, Baljeet noticed that a certain someone was still looking at him.

"Not. A. Word."

Coltrane's smile only became wider. "I didn't say a single thing."

Now Stacy was the one elbowing. "Leave him alone, Coltrane. We have to give them at least a little break."

"Fair enough."

Baljeet could feel Ginger's hand tighten around his arm. Evidently their words were not lost on her.

"You know," he said, turning to her, "If they were to suddenly find themselves glued together tomorrow, and thus you would be able to earn your "Stuck Together" patch, I would be all for assisting you in that endeavor."

Ginger chuckled. "I've had to live with it for a while. You don't really get used to it. Besides...I don't think I have enough glue."


"Party of five, ma'am?"

Baljeet saw that they had stopped in front of a podium, where another sharply dressed man was talking to Dr. Hirano.

"Yes, sir."

The man appeared to cross something off of his notebook, then motioned into the ballroom. "You will want to head to your right. You'll be seated near the front stage."

"Thank you, sir."

Baljeet turned to Ginger. "And here comes the free food part. We are through the first part. See? Nothing happened. Except for the eventual congregation of Stacy and Coltrane. Shall we go in?"

Ginger smiled, her arm still with his. "Let's."

With that, they walked in behind the others. It was lucky he was busy paying attention to where they were going, because if Baljeet had looked at her again, he would've noticed her quickly glanced at her other hand, the writing almost impossible for her to make out.


This Crazy Little Thing - Chapter 9

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Girl, will you ever learn?

OK, so I was one day off. I also had to split this chapter into two, because I apparently still can't properly plan out these things.

So, I did hear the news that Phineas and Ferb was ending. I would love to go into detail my thoughts, but now is not the place. I'll put up a journal on DevArt before too long.

Until then, next week will be our final climax, as well as a face we haven't seen in a bit come back. Who is it? You'll just have to find out.

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Disclaimer: The Teen Titans characters and animation are the property of Glen Murakami and Warner Bros. Animation.

Chapter 3 – Ringmaster

Over a thousands years ago, a young wizard and a dark dragon battled at the Castle of Nol. The battle lasted for a long while, neither force giving much of an edge to the other. After hours on continuous fighting, it would seem that the dragon had finally gained the upper hand. However, the wizard had one last trick up his sleeve: his spellbook. He spoke the forbidden curse, which trapped the dragon inside the book.

And that is how it came to pass that the grand wizard Malchior laid siege to the dread dragon Rorek.

...Or that's what he wanted her to believe.

Raven would later be gifted his spellbook before she left to go to Jump City, and in the doldrums of a boring afternoon, she had started to read it. Over the course of a few days, she had become enthralled with the story.

And that's when he had made his move.

Malchior had seduced her, strung her along, pretended to be a friend just so that he could escape his prison. He had succeeded, laying waste to the Tower and almost bringing the entire team to their knees before Raven used Rorek's same curse to trap him back into the book.

She had been heartbroken, naturally. Not only had she been lied to about everything Malchior had told her, but she knew better than that. She had always prided herself on being the most levelheaded of the team. She was always looking for suspicion and deceit.

And when it was right underneath her nose, she didn't smell it.

During their final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil, Raven had seen the resurrected Malchior dive toward the child trio of Melvin, Timmy, and Teether. Preoccupied with Psimon, she yelled out for them to get out of the way, only for Herald to show up just in the nick of time, trapping his flame breath inside a portal and sending the dragon in after it.

Raven was never able to figure out exactly how the Brotherhood was able to release Malchior from his prison, nor did she really care. She thought he was gone for good.

And then today happened.


The spellcaster had gotten so sidetracked in her mind that she completely forgot that her book was speaking to her. "Don't move," she said, her magic at the ready.

"I do not think I'm really capable of moving anywhere, but your threat has been noted."

The last time a book spoke to her, it had led to it turning into a dragon, so naturally Raven was a little hesitant. "Why are you here?"

"To help aid you in your quest to vanquish the dread dragon Malchior. I would assume that would be obvious." The corporal form of Rorek crossed his arms. "I thought that you were taught better than this."

"And what exactly makes you think that I'm going to believe anything you say?" Raven asked. "For all I know, you could be an illusion of Malchior's. Something sent to trick me again."

"A fair assumption. But that can be explained as well." Noting the spellcaster's silence, he continued. "When I sealed away the dread dragon with that curse, it locked away a part of my soul within the book as well. Think of it as a safeguard. That is why I am able to speak to you on a corporal level while Malchior wrecks havoc in your world."

"But it didn't work," Raven said, lowering her hand. "After I put him back into the book, Malchior was still able to get out. My team and I fought him before this time. Some other villains were able to convince him to fight against us."

Rorek rubbed his chin in thought. "He was not anywhere near full strength, though. You defeated him rather easily."

Raven raised an eyebrow. "How do you know that?"

"Soul link, remember? I can tell what his power is like even in this state. And I can tell you right now his power grows by the hour. It will eventually reach the point where not even you can hope to defeat him."

She cautiously walked over to the book and picked it up, the open pages glowing with light. "Tell me more about this link of yours. How much information can you get from it?"

"A fair amount. I know that now the dragon slumbers at this time. Malchior has spent much of the energy he has gathered, but on what I do not know."

"He's been possessing children. Sending them around our city to do his bidding."

Rorek growled angrily. "That foul beast. Bringing the blood of innocents into his fights. I would expect nothing else from him."

Raven walked over to her window, where the sphere of black energy could be seen even in the dark of night. She pointed out to it, with Rorek following her gaze. "What do you make of that? My power wasn't able to pierce through it."

The ancient wizard narrowed his eyes. "The Sphere of Staldar. A spell that's virtually impenetrable for outsiders to infiltrate. He's used this many a time during my battles with him. And the spell grows stronger the more he's released from his prison." He turned back to Raven. "Dear Raven, the link I share with him will be severed if he does not return to the book before too long. If it is broken...well, your world would be in great peril."

Raven processed this all in her head. The last few minutes had been mind-boggling. She was still a little suspicious, but given the circumstances, she didn't have much of a choice. She looked down at the miniature projection. "If I get inside and perform the curse, do you think it would work?"

"At this point, no. Even now, his power is too great, even for your magic."

"Ugh. So much for that option."

Rorek didn't not respond right away as he tapped one of the runes on the page. "Hmm."

"What is it?"

"There...may be another way. We would need additional resources, however." Rorek closed his eyes in thought. "You said you have a team. Are any of them adept in magic?"

"If you count Beast Boy killing the mood when he tells a joke, then yes." Raven lightly chuckled at her joke, but remembered who she was talking to. " I'm the only one with magic."

"Hmm. They will have to do under the circumstances." Rorek raised a hand, letters appearing in front of him. "Take me to them with haste. I will explain the preparations to you all when we are gathered."

"So...let me see if I have this straight."

The team was gathered around the living room console, Raven's book in the center of them. The announcement of Raven having a plan to rescue the children and defeat Mumbo was met with confidence and gratitude. The announcement that it was really Malchior and they would be needed to help vanquish him was met with...less enthusiasm.

"You want us to help you participate in some sort of demon black magic ritual thingy that would result in us getting the giant dragon back into the book that we put in him before?"

"Yes, Cyborg. That's what I'm asking."

"And you want us to take the word of him?" Cyborg pointed to the tiny Rorek, who had his head in his hand.

"I do realize that this seems very implausible, but I assure you that this is the only option that we have. Raven will have to-Hey!"

Rorek was cut off by the finger of Beast Boy prodding him in the back. "Dude, how did you fit in there?"

"Beast Boy, will you please stop messing with him?" Raven almost yelled. "He's trying to explain what we need to do."

"I've never seen a tiny man before. Except when we were at the circus before Mumbo started throwing magic around-"

"Beast Boy! Enough." Robin cut him off. "Look, this is crazy, and I can't believe this is happening either, but the fact of the matter is that we have the threat of this...thing...getting out and flattening the entire city. And frankly, I don't care if we get the aid of a magician from centuries ago. We could use it." The team leader turned to Rorek. "So all you need from us is to assist Raven?"

"Of sorts. You four (Rorek pointed to the rest of the team) will be needed for opening a door through the Sphere. Once inside, you shall provide assistance to Raven as she uses the curse to return him to his prison. Once returned, I can strengthen our soul link and contain him in the book."

"Umm...Mr. Rorek, sir," Starfire interjected. "You mentioned earlier that friend Raven's magic may not work this time. Is there an alternate plan in case our first does not work?"

"There is, young maiden. However, I have the fullest belief in Raven's abilities. I am confident she will come through."

Beast Boy leaned into Raven. "Does he know that I don't know a thing about magic?" he whispered.

"I may be of miniature size and on another plane of existence, but my hearing is as sharp as ever, green warrior."

"Oh. Oops."

"This is not a world where magic is prevalent to everyone, but you five have as strong a bond as I have seen. I have faith that you will be victorious." Rorek pulled his scarf closer to his face. "Now, I must prepare Raven for the ritual. The rest of you should get as much rest as possible. We must strike at nightfall tomorrow, when Malchior least expects it. We will not have much more time than that."

The next few hours consisted of Raven dabbling in deep meditation, chants of Azarian languages, and the reading of spells from cultures Raven didn't even know existed. The ordeal was energy-draining, and even with the relaxation exercises, it was the sight of the rising sun that made her realize that time had practically flown by.

"Ugh." Raven plopped herself down next to the window. "I feel like my head's about to explode."

"We certainly do not want that, now do we?" Rorek was sitting cross-legged on the book. "You are almost done. Regain your composure for a moment, and we will finish afterward."

Relieved, she tried to relax a little bit, but being up all night was not really the best thing to do before going into battle with a magical dragon, so the intended outcome didn't happen. She instead tried to focus on something else. Her gaze fell to the tiny figure of Rorek.

Raven quickly glanced back at the dome outside, then back at him.

"Can I ask you something, Rorek?"

"Ask away."

Raven stared out the window before asking. "Why would you subject yourself to linking with Malchior? Was that the only way to defeat him?"

Rorek was hesitant to answer. "Evil is never truly defeated, Raven. The sealing magic that I had used previously was not working, and our last battle was approaching the point where I could not waste any more time. The curse I used, as you know, was a last resort. It linked our souls together for eternity. As soon as my physical existence ended, I was bound to be within these pages with him forever. But at least, I would be able to contain him."

She looked down at him. "But he escaped. He...appeared as you." Her cheeks grew hot. "He managed to get me on his side, pretending to be you."

"Unfortunately, in our eternal battle of wits and magic, Malchior was able to catch me off guard. He imprisoned me and made himself the predominate presence in the spellbook. I could only watch as he manipulated you into his bidding." Rorek paused briefly. "If I had been stronger-"

"It wasn't your fault, Rorek," Raven cut him off. "He fooled me. I should have known better." She glanced down at her hands, still faint with her magic. "The trade-off, if anything, is that he taught me all sorts of magic that I used to defeat him and even use to help the Titans."

"Malchior does indeed know very powerful magic, and always had a thirst for more knowledge. As much as I hate to admit, it is a trait that I have in common with him. Of course, he strode off the path of righteousness a long time ago when he..."

Raven noticed the shake in his voice. "When he what?"

"...When he took away my beloved."

Her heart sank as she saw his body slump. "I'm...sorry. I didn't know," she whispered. "You never mentioned that in your book."

"I couldn't bring myself to relive that part of my past again. That is why she was excluded."

"What was her name?"

Rorek wiped away a tear before continuing. "Amalia. She was a wonderful sorceress and companion. It was such a dreary day when she was taken from me." He looked up at his companion. "I see a lot of her in you, Raven. Strong, courageous...quite beautiful as well."

"Uhh..." Now the blush was even brighter.

"I apologize. I did not mean to cause you discomfort."

"No, it's fine. I just don't really get complimented that often."

"Your teammates don't marvel in your ability? Not even the green one?"

"Trust me," Raven said, dipping down toward the white-haired sorcerer, "Beast Boy's more concerned about beating Cyborg in video games than complimenting me."

"He certainly has an eye for you, though."

Raven looked away, saying nothing. Rorek took the silence as the cue to move on. "The time is almost upon us. You should get some rest. I've taught you all that you need to know to deal with Malchior. Now it's up to you. You and your team can do this. I believe in you."

She picked up the book, holding the pages open for Rorek. "Do soul selfs even need sleep?"

"It most likely would not hurt. Sleep well, Raven." In a wisp of light, he disappeared back into the book. Slowly, she closed it up, her next works barely audibly.

"You too, Rorek."

Spectacle - Chapter 3

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I had to go back and watch Spellbound for a little bit in order to get my bearings again. Remember, I didn't originally have Rorek and Malchior in the early version of this story.

Next chapter will be the second to last, methinks. Confrontations will be made, spells may be broken...and demon children might flock around for a bit. I haven't figured out how many will fly around, though.

And no, I won't say next week will have the next chapter, because I'm not a schmuck. Like I was before.

Read and review, if you like. Until next time.

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