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Disclaimer: This freaking story took almost two years to write. You should know the jist by now.

Chapter 8 – Off to Who Knows Where

The first thing that Rose heard was the beeping of the heart rate monitor to her left. The first thing she felt was the enormous pain resonating in her head.


She tried to sit up, but a robotic hand came into her view, gently keeping her down.

"Easy there, cowgirl. Glad you're awake."

Rose opened her eyes to see the Titans surrounding her bed. Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire were looking down at her. Cyborg was sitting to the right of them, his leg open to reveal the circuitry inside. He was busy repairing something on his leg, no doubt damaged from the night's events.

"Where am I?"

"Back at the Tower," Raven replied. She was back into a clean uniform, the damage she had sustained completely recovered. "Robin drove you back here after what happened tonight."

The blonde shifted her eyes around the room. "Where is everyone else?"

Cyborg shrugged. "Red Star, Argent, Kole, and Gnaark are recovering from tonight's shenanigans. Robin's off trying to smooth things open with Jump City PD. Turns out that losing four container warehouses in one night is a really good way for people to get mad at us."

Now it was coming back to her. "What happened? The last thing I remember was everything going to heck."

"After Slade's little speech, he tried to blow all of us up," Cyborg explained, putting the blowtorch back into his finger. "Luckily, we managed to get out, thanks to you."

"Huh?" Rose said, confused. "What'd I do?"

The Titans exchanged nervous glances between them. The silence was not lost on the blonde. "Was it bad? Did I summon a demon or something?"

"Nah, Raven would've done th—OW!"

The smack on Beast Boy's head was followed by the spellcaster stepping forward. "Robin told us about what happened with Slade and you. Based off of your account and the brain activity while you were unconscious, it sounds seems to me that you had a momentary flash of precognition."

Beast Boy raised his hand. "For the ones who don't read the dictionary religiously, what does that mean?"

"She saw into the future, dummy." Cyborg straightened up, a clipboard in his hands. "Probably a side effect of stress and whatever Slade injected you with when you were younger."

"...How do you know about that?"

Now Starfire was the one to talk. "After Robin brought you back here, we tended to your injuries. Only...all of your injuries were already healed." Noting Rose's look of disbelief, she looked away. "Robin guessed that whatever made Slade what he is today is the same thing that was helping you, and friend Cyborg was able to confirm this."

Cyborg held up the clipboard. "Accelerated healing, heightened senses, above average strength. The chemical makeup isn't like anything I've ever seen before. Whatever Slade injected you with all those years ago has had a long-lasting effect. Although I don't think anything we've seen from Slade included ESP."

"Robin mentioned that you had a vision before everything went down. Do you remember any of it?" Raven asked.

"I..." Rose put her head in her hands. "I remember my head feeling like it was about to split open. I remember seeing a bunch of things. A woman. Some places in the city." She felt the pain escalating again. "Most of it was just a blur."

"Your brain's not used to that sort of strain," Raven offered. "You would need to have extremely powerful sorcery in order for visions to even manifest...or artificially, in this case."

"Perhaps it would be best that we do not bother friend Rose with this sort of thing right now."

Everyone turned to Starfire, her look of concern bringing the conversation to a halt. She cleared her throat a little more and continued. "She has had the most unpleasant day. We all have. I shall fetch Robin and we shall all catch the shut-eye."

Cyborg stifled a yawn. "Star's right. This can all wait until the morning. The important part is that we're all back here in one piece. Rose, I'll leave the comm on in case you need anything."

"Thank you, Cyborg."

"No prob." He began to usher the rest of the team out of the room, but not before Beast Boy ducked underneath his outstretched arm.

"Hey, Rose. You wouldn't happen to have tomorrow's lottery numbers in your noggin, would you?"

Her eyes narrowed.

"Or next week's. It doesn't have to beeeEEEEEPP!"

A purple talon of energy turned the corner in the doorway, grabbing Beast Boy by the back of the collar.

Surprised, Rose craned her neck to see Raven, her eyes glowing white and a slight smile on her face as the green-skinned boy was unceremoniously dragged out of the room. The spellcaster's eyes followed him down the hallway and then turned back to Rose.

"He means well."

She couldn't help but return the smile. "Yeah, I know."

Raven dimmed the lights using her magic before continuing. "You're not the only one who has the displeasure of a parent wanting to use their child for their own advancement. If you ever want to talk-"

"Not really," Rose said gently. ", anyway. But thanks, Raven."

She nodded, closing the door behind her. Rose sunk back into the bed, wishing that she was unconscious again. She rubbed her forehead in hopes that the ache would go away, but to no avail.

Well, tonight did certainly explain the headaches over the past week.

The next day, after his checkup, Rose was cleared by Cyborg to leave the infirmary. Beast Boy was admitted in her place, having suffered a concussion from being thrown down six hallways before being deposited into his bedroom upside down.

After breakfast, she and Robin went off to the training grounds, where he had her give a complete recount of what was in her vision. Unfortunately, the sleep wasn't enough to jar anything else in her mind, so she wasn't able to give him much information. The Boy Wonder didn't seem too surprised, though, only nodding in response to her recollections.

Rose didn't bother asking him about his findings with the serum. She learned rather quickly that he was a very meticulous person, with a level of planning and precision that rivaled even her father. The truth was going to come out sooner or later. Luckily, Robin didn't make it a big deal.

Afterwards, she went off to relax in the common room. Upon arriving, she saw Argent exchanging goodbyes with the rest of the main team. It turned out that Robin had extended an offer for her to become the leader of a new set of Titans, consisting of their partners from the previous night. Preparations were already underway for a base of operations somewhere up north, and Argent had some loose ends to wrap up back at her home.

Rose knew this already because she had been given the same invitation.

It would be nice, he said, to be with a group of people like her, save some civilians, and gain a reputation as a hero. Argent was already established, and she would be a good leader to learn from.

Robin had left the decision up to her, and while she was flattered to be considered for a team spot, it didn't feel right somehow. She had almost gotten everyone killed, and she wanted vindication. Not as a part of a team, but on her own.

Rose held up the sword in her hand, looking at the blade. It was almost like her father was staring back at her, toying with her. The crystals that they had investigated were bad news; there was no doubt that her next move had to be important.

She smiled to herself as she slid her blade back into her sheath.

So there was only one thing to do.

"You're leaving?"

Rose was standing in front of the Tower, her bag hung over her shoulder. She was in her civilian clothing as well, as trotting around with two swords on her back wasn't the most optimal way of traveling.

"Judging from her luggage, Beast Boy, I would imagine that would be a correct observation," Raven quipped.

"But who's going to help me beat Cy in Super Mega Monkeys 4?"

"...Literally anyone else?"

Ignoring the argument, Robin turned his attention back to Rose. "You sure about this? You could stay with us for a little while longer. Get your sea legs back. Even if you don't want to go with Titans North, we could use an extra set of hands around here."

"I'm honored, Robin. I really am." Rose shuffled the bag to a better position. "But I need to figure some things out on my own. Fath-" She stopped herself quickly. "Slade...coming back made me realize a lot of lies were told to me in my youth. I need to find out what I'm capable of. And I can't...really do that with a team." She looked to the ground nervously. "No offense."

"None taken, girl," Cyborg waved her off. "It's not for everyone. Heck, it took a gigantic nuclear explosion to get Red Star to come back."


"Anyways," Robin cut him off, "That doesn't matter. It's your decision. You know you're always welcome back here."

Rose looked over the water to the shoreline. "I should probably get going. My bus is going to be here soon."

"You will let us know when you arrive at your destination, correct?"

"...Star, how exactly am I going to do that? I don't have a phone."

"With this, of course."

Starfire flew over to her and held out her hands, opening them to reveal a Titans communicator. Instead of yellow, the rim was a bright orange, with a half-black cover.

"Even though you won't be with our team, Rose," Robin said, a smile on his face, "You're now officially a member of the Teen Titans. Congratulations."

"Really?" Rose sprang forward, bringing both Robin and Starfire into a hug. "Thank you guys so much!"

"Hooray! I am happy that you are happy, friend Rose!" the Tamaranian replied.

Robin would have mirrored her message had it not been for being in the middle of a superhuman hug.

"Guys...I can't...breathe..."

"How long do you think Robin will be able to keep breathing?" Beast Boy whispered to Cyborg.

"He's still breathing?"

"Oh, I am sorry, Robin!" Starfire said, releasing Robin from her grasp. "Did I crush any of your internal organs?"

"Is he going to be OK?" Rose asked.

"Probably. He's survived through worse." Raven summoned a portal behind the blonde. "This'll take you to the bus station. Keep in touch, OK?"

"I will. Thanks, guys." With that, Rose walked through, ready to go of on her own adventure.

Starfire helped Robin up from the ground, who was busy making sure all of this intestines weren't knotted together. "What is our next course of action, Robin?

"We have a lot of work to do." Robin straightened himself up, turning to his team. "Slade is back. He's got a plan to take us down. Too bad he doesn't know what he's messing with. We have a new group, a new teammate, and each other."

He looked to the shore, the sunset spreading its light all across the island.

"The Teen Titans will bring Slade to justice."

"Right after pizza!"

"...Yes, Beast Boy. Right after pizza."


Duplicate - Chapter 8 (Finale)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Holy fudging crud, I can't believe this almost took me two years to finish writing this.

When I first started out with the idea for this series of stories, Teen Titans Go! was barely two months old. Now it's full into Season Two, and I have one story out of thirteen done. It's a shame that I wasn't writing these (as well as the BB/Raven stories) when the original show was broadcasting. I could've gotten a lot more publicity and views. And girls.

...OK, maybe not the last part.

I'm hoping that I can write with a little more regularity than the past year. I'm actually doing the smart thing and...wait for it...planning. It's a wonderful thing. I would highly recommend it.

Thanks to everyone who has read or reviewed this story for the past couple of years. I really do appreciate it, and I hope that I can improve and not keep people in suspense for a long period of time.

Until then, read and review, if you like. Until next time, everyone.


Disclaimer: All characters and locations of the Teen Titans animation/comic are the property of Glen Murakami and Warner Bros. Animation.

Chapter 7 – In The Middle Of It All

The silence was deafening as the two Titans stared down Robin's former nemesis. The goal of the mission was long forgotten at this point. All Robin could do for now was stare and try to keep him busy from...whatever his plan was.

"What are you doing here, Slade?"

"Oh...nothing much."

"I wouldn't exactly call all of this 'nothing'," Robin said, motioning to the wreckage around him.

"Things never appear the way they actually are, Robin." Slade's gaze bore into him like a bullet. "You of all people should know that."

"What do you plan on doing with the crystals, Slade? Chang slipped up and led us directly to you."

"A matter that I have already dealt with," he responded, nary a motion in his stance. "You see, Robin, there are things happening right now that you cannot even being to plan for. And in due time, I will have everything of yours under my command." He cast a glance at the blonde next to Robin, a small chuckle escaping his lips. "Although I see that you already have something of mine."


Ravager's voice was quaking, as well as the outstretched sword in her hand.

"It has been a while, hasn't it?" Slade whispered. "Not since I left you to train. I see that it did not quite stick."

"Shut up."

Even Slade was slightly surprised at Rose's brashness. "I thought I taught you better than insubordination, child."

"You brainwashed me. Taught me nothing but lies. You tried to make me into your puppet. Robin...everyone showed me the truth. The Titans showed me everything you've done to this city. To their friends. To them. It was nothing short of dreadful."

"You never seemed to have a problem of it when you were with me."

"Father, I was young. I didn't know any better. You trained me to take what was rightfully mine. For revenge. They taught me that there's more to my life than just that. turned your back on me."

Slade stood still for a moment, his gaze boring into his daughter. Robin, to his credit, had been searching for a way out, but the giant iron doors around the exits didn't yield many other options.

"And what's even worse..."

The Boy Wonder turned back to his partner, her body now shaking uncontrollably. "You took my mother away from me!"

If he showed any emotion at her statement, Robin didn't see it. "What happened with your mother wasn't of your concern."

"You killed her!"

Robin's eyes grew in surprise. He wasn't not expecting that. Sure, Slade was a psychopath and a mastermind criminal...but a cold-blooded murderer? Something wasn't quite right about that.

"Hmm." The short laugh out of Slade's mouth was nothing short of chill-enducing. "It seems that Robin's not the only one who is unaware of the unknown. But it doesn't matter. I have what I need. And the both of you will learn the hard way not to interfere with my plans."

He leaned forward slightly, and the next words sent chills down Robin's spine.

"Just like your mother."

She moved so fast that even Robin had no time to react. Ravager sprinted forward just as Robin's hand swatted at her shoulder, hitting nothing but air.

"Rose, don't!"

She ran toward her father, scraping the blade on the ground. She closed the distance in record time as she swung the sword right toward Slade's neck...

Cutting the head clean off of his body.


The head clattered to ground, sending sparks scattering along the grou-

Wait? Sparks?

Robin bounded forward to Ravager's side, the rest of the robot double hitting the floor with a loud clank. He put a hand on her shaking shoulder as he surveyed the situation.

"Rose, are you OK?"

The sword clattered to the ground, its owner losing the rest of her composure.

"It's a shame, isn't it?"

The Boy Wonder glanced down to the torso to see it open and reveal a small monitor. On the screen was Slade—the real Slade—sitting on his throne.

"Such pent up anger and no way to release it in any suitable form. A pity."

Something seemed off about Slade. He seemed...thinner. More ragged. There was a slight slouch in his stature.

"You could have done great things, my child. It's too bad it's gone to waste."

"Slade," Robin interjected, his eyes narrowed, "You're not looking too well. Any reason why you couldn't grace us with your actual presence?"

Slade didn't respond immediately. He instead waved to someone off-camera, and a pair of hands gave him something that Robin couldn't quite see.

"Reclaiming your life from the clutches of a demon taking over the entire world takes an extraordinary toll on a mortal person. It is an event that my body has still not completely recovered from. I assure you, though, that I would still be more of a match for you."

Red Star and Starfire landed on the ground, breathing heavily as the last of their robot foes broke apart, the pieces scattered on the ground.

"As well as all of your teammates."

Beast Boy grimaced as he nursed his arm. Cyborg continued to scan the surrounding for any signs of the crystals, Kole and Gnarrk sifting through broken boxes.
"And rest assured, Robin, you will soon find that my plans have already been set in motion, whether you believe so or not."
Argent put her arm around Raven's waist to brace her against her body. The spellcaster was still drained of energy, but was able to put a hand on her stomach, the light blue hue of her healing magic starting to take effect.

Ravager's scream brought both Robin and Slade out of their exchange. The blonde was grasping her head, clearing in excruciating pain.

"Rose!" Robin yelled as he knelt down. "Are you OK?"

Images were flashing through her mind at a million miles a second. Electronic numbers, buildings around the city, a young woman's face, explosions-

Ravager's eyes snapped open, the pain still unbearable.


"What is it?"

"We have to get out of here. Everyone. There's...something." She held a shaking hand out to somewhere near the far wall. "Something bad. A...a..."

Robin didn't need anything else. His fears confirmed, he scooped up her arm in his hand, almost dragging her toward the nearest exit.

"Hmm." Slade pressed a small button on his armrest, not deterred by the sudden departure of the Titans. "It's progressing faster than I thought. This should make things interesting."

Robin turned back to the robot, the screen no longer housing Slade. Instead, numbers started counting down, the beeps resonating in the warehouse. Cursing under his breath, Robin flipped open his comm. To his extremely quick relief, there was no accompanying sound of static. Whatever Slade had used to interfere with their communicators must have been deactivated.

"Titans, it's a trap! Evacuate immediately! I repeat-"

The countdown struck zero.

Outside, the night was pierced by four giant explosions, sending pieces of building in every direction. The fireballs sent smoke and flame toward the sky, the night no longer peaceful.

Coughing, a very sore Robin pushed the metal sheet he was under off, revealing Ravager underneath him. She was unconscious, but a quick check showed she was still breathing. He sighed, relieved.

"Robin! Come in, Robin!"

His communicator garbled from his left, the panic in Starfire's voice perfectly clear. Robin ran over to it, bringing it up to his mouth. "I'm here, Star. Are you all right?"

A slightly charred Starfire smiled in relief, her Russian teammate grinning as well. "Yes, Robin, Red Star as well as myself are fine. As well as the others."
A giant crystal dome finished disappearing, the quartet of Titans on the ground. Kole's shield had taken the brunt of the damage, although all four of them had not escaped clean from it.

"You wanna explain what the heck just happened, Robin?" Cyborg quipped, sparks coming out of his legs."It was a trap," Raven quipped. Argent had raised her own barrier over the both of them, but with their sparse energy reserves, they had taken more damage than anyone else. Raven's cloak was in tatters, and Argent's costume had holes all around her body. "It was a trap all along. And he was prepared for us. The only reason we're still alive is because Robin came over the radio with his warning."

Robin braced Ravager on him, his comm still in his hand. "I didn't even know he had rigged the place with bombs. Rose warned me as we were busy dealing with Slade."

"With Slade?" Beast Boy's voice was now on the comm. "He was there?"

"Sort of. He had a robot in his place. And he said...things that were troubling. He kept us busy." Robin turned to the now smoldering pile that was once the warehouse. "We didn't even get warning of the bombs until it was almost too late."

"Robin, how exactly did friend Rose know that we were about to be blown to the smithereens?"

The team leader glanced down at his companion. "I'm...not entirely sure, Star."

"Say what?" Cyborg retorted.

"Never mind. We can worry about that later. The only thing I know is that she saved all of our lives." Robin started limping back to his cycle, Ravager in his arms. "Everyone meet back at the Tower. We need to regroup and plan our next move." He frowned to himself. "As much as I hate to admit it, Slade won tonight. Let's make sure it doesn't happen again."


Duplicate - Chapter 7

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey, Phineas and Ferb isn't the only thing that I haven't been updating. I like spreading out my incompetence to multiple fics.

Hopefully, this sheds a little more light onto what will be going on in future stories. Yes, Slade is the main villain. No, he won't be the only one that shows up in the future. Rose will be playing a semi-important in it all. She is Slade's daughter, after all.

Also, apologies for the multiple page breaks. I don't know how to put more fanciful perspective cuts. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I can always change it after the fact.

Next chapter will be the last of this particular story. It'll wrap up a few ends that I've probably neglected, and then I can start knocking these things out a little faster than what I have been doing.

Read and review, if you like. Until next time, ladies and gents.


Disclaimer: All characters of Phineas and Ferb are the property of Dan, Jeff, and Swampy.

Chapter 7 – The Meeting of the Minds

"Baljeet, are you all right? You have barely touched any of your food."

The Indian boy had spent the last ten minutes poking at his curry, lost in his thoughts. "I am fine, Mother."

"Please do not lie to me. Curry is not usually the kind of thing you ignore."

"I have had a lot on my mind."

"What else is new?"

Baljeet shot a look at his mother, who merely shrugged at his response. "Oh come on, Baljeet. You usually enjoy my futile attempts at parent humor."

He didn't immediately respond, instead turning his attention back to his uneaten dinner. His mother sighed. "Baljeet, you do not have to eat it if you do not wish to. I can reheat it for later."

"Yes, please."

She took the plate away to the kitchen, ready to put it in the fridge for safekeeping...

"Have you ever done something and known that it is not the right thing to do, and yet you do it anyway?"

She turned back toward her son, befuddled by the question. "Baljeet, you are not making any sense. As usual. Did something happen at school?"

"You could say that?"

"...Did you get a B on something?"

"No!" Baljeet retorted. "Something much worse than that."

"A C?"

"Mother, it has nothing to do with a test. I-"

The doorbell cut into their back-and-forth. She straightened up, wiping her hands on her apron. "I did not think we were expecting anybody tonight. Baljeet, can you answer the door?"

"Yes, Mother."

Relieved to get away from the conversation, Baljeet went over to the door and opened it.

...Needless to say, he was not expecting her to show up.

"Ginger, what are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to you."

Baljeet nervously glanced around before answering. "I do not think this is the best time for me to talk. Can it wait?"

Ginger looked up at him, and he could see her bloodshot eyes almost tearing into him.

"No. It can't."

He stared at her for a long moment. Sighing, he hooked his head into the house. "Mother, may I be excused for a moment?"

"Yes, dear," came the reply. "Do not stay out too long, though."

Baljeet shut the door behind him and crossed his arms. "I thought that you were ignoring me."

"I...wasn't. Not really, anyway. I just needed some time to think."

"...By ignoring me."

Ginger's expression soured. "Baljeet, what was I suppose to do? I basically had all of my stuff aired out to you in the worst way possible. I was embarrassed."

"I wish I did not have to deal with Holly."

"You and me both," she joked. "She was all ready to throttle you. I had to talk her out of it."

An uncomfortable silence hung in the air for a moment before Ginger continued in a softer tone. "Look, Baljeet, I came here to apologize to you. It was wrong of me to do what I did. I didn't mean to hurt you. I thought that if I could change a few things, I would be able to make you like me. And in a finding out was probably for the best. It forced me to think all of the stuff I did."

She felt his hand on her shoulder and looked up to see Baljeet's concerned face. She reflexively blushed with the sudden contact.

"Ginger...I know that you did not do any of that to purposefully hurt me. I do not that you are even capable of doing that. I should not have shouted at you at school. That was uncalled for and unnecessary."

She smiled.


And there it went.

"Do you understand why I was upset, though? All you had to do was come talk to me."

"That wasn't really an option. It's...sort of difficult for me to talk to you."

Baljeet smiled slightly. "I have started to notice that."

Another silence came forward, followed quickly by the realization that Baljeet's hands was still on her shoulder. He removed it and cleared his throat.

"Look, Ginger, I think it might be best that we attempt to move forward from this. We do have a project that we need to finish, after all."

The Asian girl gasped. "I completely forgot about that! We were suppose to have it done by now! What are we going to do?"

"I am not exactly sure," Baljeet replied. "We could try to do something tonight, if you wish."

"I can't."


Now Ginger was looking sheepish. "I'm...not suppose to be out right now. Stacy's watching me tonight since Mom's working late, and she only gave me a little bit of time to come over and talk to you." She looked down again at her feet. "Sorry."

"It is all right. I am sure we can find another solution."

A sudden text tone interrupted their conversation. Ginger pulled her phone out of her pocket and read the screen, her face scrunching up in irritation. "Man, she sure picks a good time to give me bad news."

"What is it?"

"No one's going to be able to watch me tomorrow. I have to go to the ceremony with Mom and Stacy."

Baljeet was momentarily confused. "It sounded like you wanted to go when we talked about it on the bus at the beginning of the week."

"I know. It's..." Ginger trailed off. "I'm just...not in the mood. Normally, I would be all for it, but this week's been...well, you know. But the babysitter's out of town, and she doesn't want me staying home by herself."

Baljeet smiled slightly. "Also, the clientele is not exactly the troop at the lunch table talking about boys."

"That too."

His mind was starting to gear forward again.

"Shadowing my mom and sister all night long doesn't sound like a very good time, anyway."

And his mouth was opening.

"I could come with you."

Aaaand there it was.

Ginger's head snapped up, her eyes wide with surprise. "I'm...sorry, what?"

"I can accompany you to the banquet."

Her eyes narrowed at him. "It's a really formal event. Do you even have a suit?"

Ginger rolled her eyes. "What am I saying? Of course you have a suit."

"I am not a stranger to these sorts of things," Baljeet replied. "I have had to go with my mother to multiple formal events."

She blinked a few times, not quite believing what she was hearing. "Are you really serious?"

"Of course I am serious."

Ginger was still giving him a confused look. "Why are you doing this?"

Baljeet thought for a moment before responding. "Because we both need to go out and relax a little bit. I said it earlier; we need to move forward. And what better way to do that than attend an awards ceremony with a bunch of...adults?" He came to a stop as Ginger giggled at his realization. "That sounded better in my head."

She thought for a moment. "Well, the banquet's at eight. Do you want to meet up at my house? Since...well, we never got to go there before?"

"I can have my mother drive me over there."

Ginger nervously shuffled her feet. "You know, when I was coming over here tonight, I wasn't even expecting an apology. I just wanted to salvage something from this project. But now I have a..." She stopped short, not wanted to say the word she was thinking.

But thankfully Baljeet was there to back her up. "A mutual outing between two respected associates?"

"Yeah, we'll call it that."

No amount of advanced vocabulary was enough to lessen the amount of awkwardness that was now ensuing. Luckily, Baljeet was able to use the advantage to make his way back toward the door.

"So, I will be over at around seven thirty?"

"Sounds good to me. Call me if you need directions."

He gave a small wave as Ginger turned off of the porch, closing the door behind him. Now that he was back in the safety of his house, he now had the proper time to reflect on his exchange.

"...What in the world did I just agree to?"

"Well, if you were to ask me..."


"I would imagine you are taking her out on something that normal human beings call a 'date'," his mom interjected, a towel in her hand.

"Mother, it is not a date. You never heard that word in our conversation. You know, the one that you were not suppose to be listening to."

She gave a large smile to her son. "You are too busy being agitated at me and not busy enough getting your suit ready."

Baljeet sighed. Tomorrow was definitely going to be interesting.

"I can't believe you actually got him to come with you."

"Stacy, for the last time, I did not do anything. He was the one who suggested it."

The older Asian girl put her hands on her hips. "So when I open your notebook, I'm not going to see anything about some master plan about Mom's award ceremony?"

"No. No, you're not."

She swiveled in her vanity chair, still not entirely convinced. "And what do you exactly want me to do again?"

"I want you to pick something out for me."

"So you want me to doll you up for Baljeet?"

"Look." Ginger grabbed the chair, looking up at Stacy. "If I'm going to be going to this thing, I at least want to look good for him."

The older Hirano started to smile maniacally, clasping her hands together. "You are going to regret saying that, sis."

Ginger gulped. This...was definitely going to be interesting.


This Crazy Little Thing - Chapter 7

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This chapter took the longest time, just because getting the proper writing down between Ginger and Baljeet is getting more and more intricate. I would not be surprised if some of you guys are lost. I know I would be. Updating every three months doesn't help.

Saying that I'm writing these two's relationship much more complicated than it needs to be is selling it short. I think that it would make sense, though. These two are anything but easy to figure out.

Next chapter will have some of the banquet in it...and hopefully not another three-month hiatus.

Read and review, if you like. Until next time.


Disclaimer: All characters of Phineas and Ferb are the property of Dan Povenmire, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, and the Disney Channel. I'm pretty sure Valentine's Day is owned by Hershey at this point.

Chapter 12 - Stop This World

"Love is timeless. It does not pause. It does not stop. It does not falter. Even though the time with our loved ones may be short, the moments and feelings that we have and share are anything but."

Isabella curled up in the bed, the early morning sunlight hitting her closed eyes.

She didn't want to get up.

She wanted to stay inside forever.

It was just the night before that he and her husband settled in their brand new home. The marriage ceremony had been quick, and the honeymoon had been short. But Isabella didn't care. She was with the man she loved.

Speaking of which...

She reached over to snuggle into the back of her husband, wanting to capture just a few more minutes of bliss.

And hit nothing but mattress.

Isabella straightened up, confused. She took a quick glance at the alarm clock. 7:30. He was known to be an early riser, but even this was a little ridiculous.

The smell of melting metal was just beginning to waft into the room. Things never change, Isabella thought. Even marriage didn't get in the way of his Big Ideas.

Although did he really have to start now?

She quickly got out of bed, throwing her nightgown over herself. It was no time at all before she walked out to the backyard, where a large metal cylinder was standing right in the middle of it. Kneeled before it was a man with a torch, sending up sparks with his metalwork.

Isabella smirked. Yep, this was the man she married.

She walked over to him, lightly tapping him on the shoulder.

"Phineas, what on Earth are you doing?"

"Oh. Hey, Isabella." The redhead lowered his blowtorch and raised the cover of his welder's mask. "I didn't hear you get up."

"That was probably because you couldn't hear an elephant go through the backyard, let alone anything else."

"Fair enough." He stood up and wiped the sweat from his brow. "I was just about done anyway."

"I'm afraid to ask, but...what is this thing?"

"I'm glad you asked." Phineas took of his mask as he looked his contraption up and down. "This is our brand new time machine."

Isabella looked at him, now even more confused. "You didn't try to spring for the one that's still at the museum?"

"Nope, that one's been gone for a while. I think Ferb has it."


"Anywho..." Phineas interrupted his wife. "I have a plan. We're going to use this time machine to travel back to right before our wedding. Then, we can continuously enjoy that week over and over again. It's foolproof."

"I...don't think that's how time travel works," Isabella said.

"C'mon, Isabella," Phineas pleaded. "It'll be fun. We'll go back and revisit our toasts, watch Baljeet attempt to dance with Ginger, watch Ferb trying to avoid both Vanessa and Gretchen at the same time. We don't need anything else."

Isabella's look was incredulous. "Phineas, I can't believe I'm going to say this, but this is the worst idea in the world."

"What do you mean?"

"You just want to live the same week over and over again?"

"What? Don't you?"

For a single second, Isabella wanted to shake him. "Phineas, don't you want to imagine the rest of our lives? Why would you want to just do the same thing over and over?"

"Because it was the best week of my life!"

Isabella stood still, hands on her hips. "And mine as well."

"So why-"

He never got the question out, as she had placed her finger over his mouth, cutting him off.

"Because we're going to miss all of the rest of the things that we'll love in the future if we just live in the present."

She held up her other hand, the wedding ring shining bright in the morning dawn.

"Imagine everything that we'll miss. Kids, growing old together, you doing wheelchair races with Ferb in the retirement home. We're never going to see that if we do this."

She stepped up to him, leaning against his frame. "I love you, Phineas. And as your wife, I'm telling you that this is a terrible idea. I haven't spent the last fifteen plus years trying to get your attention just so that I can get stuck in an infinite time loop."

Phineas put his hands around her body, bringing her closer. He didn't say anything immediately, although Isabella could tell that he was definitely pondering his response.

"Besides, Phineas, I can't exactly go off messing with the fabric of time. Who knows what that'll do to the baby?"

"Yeah, we wouldn't want anything to hap-"

And that's when for the first time in history, Phineas's brain stopped.

Isabella smiled as her husband's face went from dumbstruck to incredulous to confused to several other multi-syllabled words all in the span of about four seconds.


And that word was only one.

"Yes, Phineas." Isabella slipped her hand into his, interlocking their fingers. "I'm going to have a baby, and you are going to be there for your daughter and not going to be gorging on wedding cake for a bazillion times."

Emotion started coming back to the redhead's face. " do you know it's a girl?"

"Call it women's intuition."

Phineas reeled back, dumbstruck. Isabella was almost forced to catch him. She wanted him to say something, anything. It looked like, under all of the shock, he was happy...and thinking about something.

Uh oh.

"We have to start thinking of a name."

"Phineas!" Isabella yelled. She should've known this was coming. "I think we have a little bit of time before that happens."

"I wonder if something like Marie would work. Or Olivia. Or Fiona..." Phineas put his finger on his chin, thinking for a moment. "Oh, I got it!"


"I can turn this into a subatomic name generator! I just need to find the nanobots first!" He ran off toward the garage. "Let me go grab my toolkit!"

Isabella watched as he turned the corner. Grinning, she shook her head slightly. Yup, this was the man that she married. Thoughtful, caring...and always looking for the next Big Idea.

She looked down at her stomach, patting it lightly. "That, sweetheart, is your father. I apologize in about ten years when he starts infuriating you. But trust me, everything he does..."

She glanced back at the giant metal cylinder behind her, and smiled.

"It's all in the name of love."


Year of the Gentlemen - Chapter 12

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wonder how many people I got to read the entirety of this just to get to the Phinbella chapter. For those who have, your patience is very much appreciated.

Yes, this was always going to be the last chapter. Yes, I'm a cruel person. But you guys have had the episode on Monday. I figured you can hang on for a bit.

All in all, for being out of writing for a good year or so, I think I've done pretty well, and I'm glad that the majority of people agreed.

If this story tells you anything, it's that love is not really set in stone. It comes in many styles, many flavors, and many ways. There is no wrong way, and there is no right way. It's all up to the people to figure it out.

I would like to thank everyone who left a review for this story, as well as the people who sent me warm wishes after being gone for so long. Trust me, it's been hard to be away for so long. But I'm glad that you guys make it feel like I've never left.

Read and review, if you like. Until next time, ladies and gents.

Disclaimer: I love chocolate.

...No, I don't have anything else to put here. Why would you ask?

Chapter 11 – Lie To Me

"Love is knowledge. It's about who you know and what you know...and it's also about what you don't."

He hadn't seen her all day.

Normally, Ferb would at least count on her to be roaming the cafeteria and occasionally swap by his table for a quick chat.


He took a quick look at his phone, seeing if she had sent him anything.


For days she had talked about the trip she would be taking with her parents to England. It was her first realy trip out of the country, and she would spend hours chatting Ferb's ear off about the culture and the sights and whatnot.

He would know. He did live there for a long period of time. He was glad for her.

But the amount of silence that was coming from Gretchen was somewhat disconcerting.

Not to mention the fact that this was suppose to be her last day at school before her departure, and she wasn't anywhere to be found.

Ferb had decided to take his mind off of things by going to the science lab after school. It was always a thrill to try out some random combinations of chemicals (as long as nothing exploded), and it was a quiet place to think (besides said explosions).

He was just about to jot another note about the bouncing green liquid he had concocted when he heard a screech.

He looked up from his experiment. It sounded like it was coming from the room next door, which normally housed the photography classroom. Why would someone be over there after school?

Never mind the fact that he was there after school.

Ferb quickly packed up his supplies and took the short trip over to the neighboring class room. As he eased the door open, another loud noise came from behind the dark room door.

It was probably just an equipment malfunction. He should have just let a teacher know in the morning. But what if it was something he could fix?

He rotated the door around, stepped inside, and started turning the door back toward the interior. Now he could hear other noises inside, some he couldn't quite place.

The darkroom came into view. The stations for developing the film were all empty, sans for one occupant.


He almost recoiled in shock. There she was, plain as day. She had protective gear on, a wet photo in a pair of tongs in her hand.

"Gretchen, what are you doing here?"

"...No reason?"

There most definitely was a reason. Ferb looked around to see countless photos of the landscape of England, all of them blown up on paper, presumably by the Fireside Girl troop member.

"What is all this? Aren't you suppose to be on your way to England right now?"

Even in the darkness, he could feel Gretchen getting nervous. "I...actually went already."

Ferb raised an eyebrow. OK, now he was confused.

Gretchen put her photo back into the tub, her voice going very fast. "I wanted to get you a really cool birthday present, so I was going to make a collage of all of the places you used to visit in England. Katie gave me the idea not too long ago, and accommodations were made so I could leave school for a short period of time to do so. But I didn't want you to find out, so...Ms. Leica let me use the classroom after school."

"I honestly don't know whether to feel angry or happy right now."

"But Ferb, look!" Gretchen spread her arms wide. "I did this for you! I wanted you to have something from home. I did a immeasurable amount of research on this."

"You didn't tell me the truth."

"Ferb, I..." She didn't know what to say. "It was going to be a surprise. I didn't mean to upset you."

He walked over to the wall, taking note of all of the locales. "I know that you would not lie to hurt my feelings. I'm not mad about that." He turned to look at her. "I just wish you didn't have to lie to me to begin with."

"I'm sorry, Ferb. I should've known better not to outsmart the smartest guy in school."

He grinned, relaxing for the first time since entering. "Flattery will get you nowhere, milady."

"Will a collage of England get me somewhere?"



Year of the Gentlemen - Chapter 11

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was the worst chapter to write, because this was the one that I didn't have the most definitive idea about what to write. So apologies if this seems a little rushed.I might go back and update it further, but alas. They can't all be winners.

But man, Ferb is sure getting the short end of the stick this go-around, isn't he?

In case the inquisitive young chap (or gal) says anything about this in comparison to Act Your Age, these chapters have been in place for...two years? With the exception of Monty filling in for Johnny, everything else is the same. I just hadn't written it yet.

Because I'm lazy.

Saturday will be the finale, because I completely forgot that it was on that day and not Friday. Also, I still can't count to twelve.

See you tomorrow for the finale. Read and review, if you like. Until next time.

I wonder if Senpai will notice me.

...Whoever Senpai is.
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