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Disclaimer: The Teen Titans animation is the property of Glen Murakami and Warner Bros. Animation. The various characters inside are variously owned by various people.

Chapter 4 - Bring Forth the North

As Robin and Starfire made their way back into the common room, Cyborg finished punching a few commands into the computer and waved the couple over.

"Yo, Robin, I have some stuff that might be good for you to know. Take a look at this."

Cyborg brought up an overhead map of Jump City. "We were looking over the security tape and decided to see if there was anything matching that general packaging description coming here. Well, it turns out something has been brought here."

"Which warehouse?"

"That's the thing. It didn't all go to one place."

Robin was intrigued. "Come again?"

"It went to several. I was able to track the packages using the cameras in the storage facilities." Several red dots pinged on the screen. "I count four separate warehouses, a couple of which are right outside the city limits. According to the manifest (he brought up signed paperwork on the monitor), they're scheduled to be sent out tomorrow afternoon." Deep in thought, Cyborg scratched his robotic chin. "As much as I hate to admit it, it's a smart move on Slade's part. We wouldn't have thought about that before they were sent out, probably to the criminal underground."

"And who told you to check the limits?"

"Actually, it was BB."

Robin glanced at Beast Boy, who was busy inspecting the glass canister. "Really? He did?"

"You know what they say. Even a blind squirrel-that's-really-Beast-Boy can find a nut every once in a while."

He turned to the screen, scanning over the Jump City map. "Four warehouses. In four different parts of the city."

"And five of us," Raven continued. "We could each take a location and confiscate the shipment."

"Yes, but what if it is merely a ploy? The criminals have been known to try to lure us into a trap," Starfire added.

"Dudes!" Beast Boy bounced back into the conversation. "We can take whatever is thrown at us. We took down everyone not too long ago!"

"And look how long that lasted," Cyborg said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," the green-skinned teen waved dismissively. "Look at all of the friends we've made! Can't we call them? They probably need the hours, right?" Beast Boy could imagine the Honorary Titans lining up to a punch clock, Jericho putting a hole in his card, Pantha not too far behind.

"You know, Beast Boy, you have a good point."

"I do?" His thought bubble exploded with a loud pop.

"He does?" Cyborg asked, confused.

"Two good ideas in one day?" Raven said. She looked quickly from Beast Boy back to Robin. "I think we have a new world record."

"Titans, I have a plan," Robin stated as he pulled out his communicator. "Star, Raven, time to do some aerial reconnaissance. Get the coordinates to the warehouses in the city limits and do a couple of fly-overs. Don't do anything yet. The good news, if anything, is that Slade doesn't know we're on to him yet."

"Got it," Raven nodded. She and Starfire floated off to the exit bay to get ready.

"Beast Boy, you're doing the outer limits."

Robin turned to him as the background colors became muted, a toy UFO on a stick in Beast Boy's outstretched hand.

"...Of Jump City."

"Aw man."

"Same thing goes," Robin continued. "Make yourself inconspicuous."

"Dude, 'inconspicamuolus' is my middle name," he responded, his foot halfway out the door.

"Says the guy whose skin is green," Cyborg grinned at his slight chide.

Beast Boy's lip dropped, his eyes sagging as well. His hurt face did not subside as the door closed behind him.

"Cyborg, keep the cameras on those crates. The manifest says they're not scheduled to go out until tomorrow, but make sure they don't leave any earlier. Keep running an analysis on that metal as well. I want to know exactly what we could be dealing with. We know it definitely can't fall into the wrong hands."

"Worse hands than Slade?"

Robin sighed dejectedly. "Yeah, I don't want to think about that."

"So, what is our fearless leader going to do?" the half-robot asked Robin. "Rustle some feathers? Take to the bars to get some information with pool cues?"

"I'm going to make a couple of calls."

Cyborg narrowed his eyes. "Say what? You're going off to play receptionist? Speedy said they're following leads in Steel City. You probably shouldn't pull them off of that."

"I know, Cyborg. I have some people in mind. Including one who I need to get in contact with now so that they can get here in time for tonight."

His best friend's smirk made no attempt to stay hidden. "Is it your secret girlfriend? Starfire would not be happy."

"What? No."

His robot eye narrowed even more.

"Really. You really think I would do that to Star?"

"No." He turned his attention back to the monitor. "She'd probably throw you into the Sun anyway."

Robin could imagine an irate Starfire taking him by the cape and slingshotting him throughout the galaxy. "Yeah, probably." Shifting his focus, he opened his T-comm. "Everyone will meet up back here in a few hours. In the meantime..."

He pressed the red button.

"Herald, I know you're on your way back home, but I need you to get in contact with a few of our new teammates. It's for a mission tonight."

He hesitated for a moment, then began again.

"I also need to pass along a message to someone in particular..."


"And then I said, 'No, it was your gribnak in my postornian! Isn't that the funniest tale you've ever heard?"

Raven didn't want to tell her that telling Tameranian jokes for the past few hours had done nothing to make patrol go by any faster. Or that the Earth versions of the jokes were already drilled into her head by Beast Boy on a weekly basis, but she put on a brave face just the same.


The girls landed on the roof and made their way back downstairs. They had been doing reconnaissance for the past few hours, and other than Starfire asking about the wondrous lives of seagulls, not much had happened. They were able to confirm that the contents had not left their locations and relayed Cyborg other relevant information, up to and including why Beast Boy thought the entire exercise was pointless.

"Man, I could've just spent this whole time playing games!"

Speaking of which...

"Beast Boy, I don't want to hear your complaining."

Beast Boy's face drooped, nursing his shoulder. "I could think of a million different things to do other than fly around all afternoon. Cyborg got it easy. Why can't I ever be on camera duty?"

"Probably because you have the competence of a snail when it comes to computer knowledge."

"Hey! Snails can be smart...kinda."


Starfire's sudden exclamation of joy caused the pair to stop their squabble. They had just walked into the common room to find more occupants than normal. Specifically, there was a girl in a black and red dress, black sleeves, and black hair with red bangs. Next to her was a gentlemen dressed in a green, heavy-duty military uniform with a swath of red hair. Talking to him were two other people: a caveman-like person wearing a loincloth, and a smaller teen with bright pink hair spinning a crystal in her hand.

"It is most wonderful to see you again, everyone!" Starfire yelled, grabbing Kole and Argent and hugging each of them in one arm. "It has been such a long time since our last meeting!"

"I think it has been two weeks." Red Star said from the couch.

Argent chuckled. "Chap, we have to teach you about sarcasm."

Cyborg came from the kitchen with nine cups of tea. "I brought refreshments!" Getting seven blank stares in response, he sighed loudly. "OK, I guess I'll have to eat all of these delicious cookies by myself."

He held up a plate that just happened to be empty. His eyes bogged out of his head. "Hey, where'd they go?" Seeing a slime trail make its way from the kitchen to the elevator, Cyborg groaned. "It's been such a long time since we've had company that's not a psychopathic super villain. And of course Silkie had to ruin it."

"Aaaanywho..." Raven took the opportunity to make small talk with their visitors. "What's new with you guys?"

"Gnarrk and I couldn't exactly go back down into our home, since it was destroyed during the battle with the Brotherhood of Evil," Kole explained. "We've been drifting around ever since."

"You should have told me that, love." Argent said, taking a steaming mug from Cyborg. "You and...uh...your friend here are welcome with me anytime."


Starfire turned to Red Star. "How about you? Did you go back to your land of mothers?"

"At first," he replied. "I then figured out that my place was not there, but here with other people like myself. I came upon my comrades here (he motioned to the others) and we sort of became do you call it? A 'motley crew'."

Starfire nodded. "Yes, I have heard of such things. I read that in the Earth book that Beast Boy gave me."

"I have also learned to concentrate my radiation into more powerful feats of strength. Observe."

Red Star got up from his seat and held his palm forward. A bright red beam shot out and careened out the window, making a scorch mark on the ground below.

"My petunias!"

"Oooooh!" Starfire glowed at the display. "You have a power similar to mine." She surrounded her hand with her signature green energy. "With that, you can also release your excess radiation, correct?"

"You are, indeed."

"Are we all talking about new powers?" Kole said. She hurriedly waved her arms, and crystals began to materialize above her head.

"Interesting," Cyborg said as he examined the minerals. "You figured out how to make external constructs using your crystals. That's definitely cool, girl."


The group turned to the main doorway, where the leader of the Teen Titans had just entered the room.

"Red Star, Kole, Gnarrk, Argent, thank you for coming on such short notice." Robin walked up to the table and set his communicator on it. "We have a mission of sorts that will get us introduced to each other." He touched the table, and a viewscreen appeared with a hologram of the city.


"Calm down, buddy," Kole reassured as he patted his arm.

"There are currently four shipments of dangerous materials that are set to be sent out of these respective warehouses." Four red dots appeared around the perimeter of the projection. "As a precautionary measure, our mission is to remove them from the premise, making sure that no one sees us or is aware of our presence."

"Gnarrk isn't exactly built for stealth, dude," Beast Boy quipped.

"I have the utmost confidence in Gnarrk, Beast Boy," Robin replied. "We do stealth missions with Cyborg, and he's a klutz. He'll be fine."


"Because we have to cover four places at the same time, and splitting up is what got us in trouble last time, we're going in with extra backup. That's where you four come in."

Robin produced four new communicators from his pouch: one red, one brown, one blue, and one black. "I hope that I didn't make these for nothing. Red Star, Argent, Kole, you accept this mission?"

The four looked toward each other. After a moment, they nodded, and simultaneously reached for their communicators.

"Like you even had to ask, love," Argent grinned.

"How come we don't get color-coded stuff?" Beast Boy whispered to Raven.



The Boy Wonder continued on as if nothing had happened. "Excellent. Now I have to make sure every place is covered." Robin pointed to the southmost blip. "This warehouse has the most product there, so we need to double team this one. Beast Boy, Cyborg, you're going with Kole and Gnarrk."

"Aww yeah!" Cyborg yelled, bumping fists with the caveman. "We'll take care of everything in no time!"

"Starfire, you go east with Red Star."

"We will not fail you, Robin," she said as she stood next to the Russian.

"Raven, you and Argent go west."

The two shared a silent nod with each other and then one at Robin.

"Robin, where are you going to go?"

"I'm headed north," he answered, deactivating the projection. "Someone has to go to the fourth spot."

"But dude, it's dangerous to go alone. Haven't you seen me play that video game? Some old dude says that in the very first cave-"

"I know, Cyborg. I'm not going alone."

Cyborg paused in the middle of his rant, now confused. "Say what?"

Beast Boy looked up from his perch on Gnarrk's shoulder. "Dude, you always go solo. It's that mysteeeeerious vibe you have."

"Not this time, Beast Boy. Safety in numbers."

"Ooooh, who will be accompanying you on your hazardous journey?" Starfire asked, waving her arms emphatically. She started to run through the list of possible Titans. "Will it be Pantha, who will slam the bodies of our foes? Will it be Herald, who summons portals to otherworldly dimensions and planets with his Earth instrument called the 'trumpet'? Will the fiery blast of friend Hot Spot be critical to our victory to-?"

"It's none of them, Star."

Starfire stopped in mid-sentence, her fingers stopping her count. "Then I shall echo the sentiments of friend Cyborg. Say the what?"

"None of the rest of the Titans were available," Robin explained as he strode his way to the main entrance. "I had to go make contact with...well...someone who has been out of the area for a while. Herald was kind enough to bring them over here..."

He rounded on the group and stood by the door. "And she will be with me for this mission."

Robin knocked on the door, and it slowly opened, bellowing out smoke for effect. Out stepped a thin silhouette with armor and what appeared to be two swords on their back.

Coughing, Robin attempted to wave the smoke away. "Beast Boy, I thought I told you to get rid of those gas canisters."

"Sorry, dude. You know how I love my dramatic entrances."

He motioned to the newcomer as the smoke cleared. "Anyways, welcome to the Tower..."

The girl came into focus as she tossed her long white hair over her shoulder, her black and grey armor glistening in the moonlight and an orange sash tied around her waist. She shook Robin's outstretched hand as he finished his greeting.


Duplicate - Chapter 4

AUTHOR'S NOTE: And this is the moment where things are going to get weird.

As I mentioned over a year ago when I first started the story, this was going to be an attempt of sorts to merge the Teen Titans Go! comics with the actual cartoon verse. One of those things is introducing Rose Wilson (aka Ravager) into the mix. Why am I having her appear now of all times?

Well, I guess you're just going to have to find out.

Since this chapter was written in part over a year ago, I had to change a few things from before, mainly Kole and Red Star's powers. Bringing them more in like to their actual comic counterparts, I think, will make them a little more useful for future endeavors.

Also, I like how I've been saying that this will be updated more often and that hasn't happened. Although, this chapter and the last is a smaller difference between the last two, so...that's something, I guess.

Yeah, and I should've split this chapter up, but oh well.

Read and review, if you like. Until next time, people.


Disclaimer:  All characters of P&F are owned by Dan, Swampy, and Disney.


Chapter 5 - Locker

You can fit a lot into a one by one by three foot space.

Then again, middle school didn't really leave that much room to begin with, but students made do with what they had.

Phineas's had his books on the lower part, with a collapsible shelf halfway up.  He used this to hold smaller things like his multilingual pens and pencils.  Of course, there was one time where the shelf overextended, resulting in his neighboring lockers having large holes in their sides.  To this day, he still had not told anyone the real cause of the holes.

That's probably because nobody would have believed him.

Ferb's was neat as well, but he had built a mechanical arm that dispensed all of his supplies in accordance to his schedule.  It was nearly perfect...except for the fact that it would sometime give him his history text instead of his math one.  Imagine his surprise when he tried to open to the fractions chapters and ended up in the Factions chapter.

Isabella's was different in the fact that hers was mind-numbingly pink.  On the very back wall, she had many pictures of Phineas surrounded by hearts and rainbows.  Yeah, there were books in there too, but who cared about that when you had the boy of your dreams right down the hall?

Buford's...well, it was a wonder that anything could be found in the mess heap that he called a locker.  However, he managed to find things when he needed them most (which was usually at the very last minute).

Baljeet's was free of mess and dysfunction, almost to the point where even the slightest thing out of place would send the Indian boy into a tizzy.  There were alphabetized, sorted, and properly calibrated.  The last part was important because his digital itinerary made sure that everything was kept in order even when he was away from his locker.

An important place for an important part in a young kid's life...

Unless you're Buford, of course, who was currently lying in an avalanche of the belongings that had spilled out of his locker.

"For the record, Buford, it is really not that difficult to keep it neat."

"You be quiet, Nerd!"


Rush - Chapter 5

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Yeah, this was totally suppose to happen a week ago.

Hence the whole "Rush" thing.

The suggestions, in case you were wondering, were brought to me by KrystalFruit22, a co-worker of mine who is the only person I know who has a 1k+ reviewed fanfic.  She writes Avatar fanfiction, and I would strongly suggest giving her a shot.  Her writings start off rather slow, but they pick up rather quickly if you keep with it.  I highly recommend it.

Anyhoots, this is the last chapter of this collection of one-shots.  I might do this again at some point in the future.  I didn't really keep the schedule that I wanted, but it did the job I wanted it to.

Read and review, if you like.  Until next time, people.


Disclaimer: The Teen Titans animation is the property of Glen Murakami and Warner Bros. Animation.

Chapter 3 – A Brand New Direction


The voice sounded very far away.  It echoed in every direction at once.


The face on the screen seemed to silently mock him, as if to---

"Hey, Robin!"

Cyborg's shout managed to bring the group leader back to focus.

"You all right, man?"

The Teen Titans leader said nothing, the sour look on his face increasing in intensity by the second.  Suddenly, he turned toward the exit.

"Dude, where are you going?"

"I need to clear my head."  With that, he walked out, leaving his team worried...

And the archer on the screen confused.  "Uhhh...what's his deal?"

"Speedy, I would need an entire day to go through his deal."  Cyborg set his gaze back onto the screen.  "We'll go ahead and start analyzing the materials.  Let us know if you find any more of it."

"Will do.  Speedy out."

As the display faded back to black, Cyborg glanced over his shoulder to the rest of the team.  "BB, Rae, I'm going to need your help with getting the equipment prepped."

"What about Starfire?"

"I think she already knows what she's doing," he smiled.  "Star?"

"I am metaphorically and literally 'ahead of you', Cyborg," Starfire said, floating toward the door Robin had used to exit.  "I shall see if he needs any consoling."

"Well, hurry up.  Don't let him go into a funk if you can; we're going to need him for whatever he's planning."


Robin leaned over his desk, the papers that had Slade's last known whereabouts and activities strewn all about.  He had spent countless hours in this room, looking and searching for his nemesis.  Even with the threat of the Brotherhood of Evil around the globe, he would take every available moment to see if there was any clue...any hint that Slade was back.

And he had found nothing.

Now, all of a sudden, in the span of ten video frames, there he was.  It was as if he never left.

Robin's rage boiled over.


He threw the mask at the door, determined to either shatter it or make a large dent in the entryway.  Or both.


Or neither.

He had closed his eyes in rage, not knowing that a very quick-reflexed Tamaranian had entered his room, or that she had expertly caught the mask out of the air.

"I do not believe the smashing of anything is going to subside your anger."

Robin turned back toward the table, his rage barely being contained.  "It won't, but it will make me feel a little better."

Starfire walked forward, gently setting the mask on the desk.  She did not want to jump into the issue headlong, but she could not figure out an easier way to try to get Robin to calm down.  "Robin--"

"I don't want to hear it, Star."

"Robin, we do not even know what his plan is, or even if he has a plan."

"My gut's telling me he does."  Robin pounded the desk with his fist.  "And my gut is almost always right."

"Well, perhaps you can tell your gut to keep the guessing to a minimum."

He turned toward her, his voice rising.  "Star, we had all of the criminals in Jump City in custody.  None of them have had an opportunity to get a foothold into anything these past two weeks.  And Chang's not exactly smart enough to work it all out on his own. He had to have help.  And he's worked with Slade before."  His fists started to shake as his gaze went to the floor.  "I know I never should have let him walk way from me when we had to stop Trigon."

"But we did.  Because it was for the greater good."

"That doesn't make me feel any better, Star."

Starfire walked forward, placing her hand on his shoulder.  "Robin, I do realize that this is your arch nemesis that we are conversing about, but it is impossible to know what he is planning at this time.  All we can do is be prepared."

Robin's eyes were still on the table, so Starfire took the opportunity to continue onward.

"We are not the same team that fought him when he was working with Trigon.  We are stronger.  This is also not mentioning all of the new friends that we have made over the past few weeks.  None of them will let us down."

"I don't want to drag anyone else into this.  It's my fight."

"It is not your fight, Robin.  It is ours.  Cyborg's and Beast Boy's and friend Raven's as well as mine.  You will not rid yourself of our companionship so easily."

Starfire, to the shock of Robin, forcibly turned him around and embraced him.

"Whatever happens, Robin, we will be with you.  Together."

Robin blushed, returning her hug.  "Thanks, Star."

"I really hate to break up whatever boyfriend/girlfriend consoling you guys are doing right now..."

Both Robin and Starfire jumped, the sound of Cyborg's voice booming over the loudspeaker.

"But I found something that you might want to take a look at, Robin."

Robin pressed a button on his desk.  "We'll be right there, Cyborg."  He turned to his alien teammate, a smile returning to his face.  "Let's go catch some bad guys."

Starfire squealed as she started to hover toward the door.  "Oh, I do enjoy the catching of the bad people!"

With that, they were off to rejoin their teammates, leaving the mask and their worries behind...for the meantime.


Duplicate - Chapter 3

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Hey, remember that time I totally was working on an entire "season" of new stories for Teen Titans?

Yup...those were the days.

I was suppose to get this done on Sunday, but the fact that I suck at fantasy football caused a lot of things to fall to the wayside, including this.

But hey, if I can update this...

Actually, nope.  Not going to promise anything.  Just expect to see some familiar faces in the next chapter.

Read and review, if you like.  Until next time, people.


Disclaimer:  You know the drill by now.


Chapter 4 - Slang

"Do you have a book in your hand?"

"Yeah, what's it to ya?"

"Buford, the only things that I've ever seen you have in your hands are either food or Baljeet's head."

"True."  The bully shifted in his seat, the book draped over his lap.  "But nobody eva' said I could become distinguished."

Adyson shook her head as she turned onto her stomach.  "Yeah, like that would happened."

"You neva' know."  Buford started to leaf through his book.  "I could even make myself British like Ferbo."

"I...don't think that's how that works."

"Just look at this page."

Adyson got up and walked over to Buford to peer at the page.  "Buford, this is a bunch of British slang."

"I know.  If I start using words like stonkin' and winge, maybe Ferbo's cousins will be more inclined to notice my presence."

"What even goes on in your brain sometimes?  You're crazy!"

"You mean barmy, right?"

"I'm leaving."  Adyson made a motion to grab her backpack near the front door.

"Hold up, Sweets!  I haven't even gotten to the best parts yet."

"No, I'm pretty sure the best parts are behind us, Buford."

"Listen!"  Buford pointed a finger at the Fireside girl.  "I got no idea what ya going on about, but ya seem to be in some sort of nark.  It would be quite fittin' to put a sock in it so you can take a gander at the full monty."

For a second, Adyson's face was torn between amusement and incredulity, and Buford thought he had succeeded in impressing her.

"I don't even think you know what you just said."

And then the moment passed.

"Hey, I do!"  Buford looked down at his book, rapidly tearing through the pages.  "Just...give me a second."

Adyson slung her bag over her shoulder.  "I'm going to head home.  Try not to confuse yourself, OK?"

The boy was still rummaging in the book, not paying attention to her.  She took the opportunity to make sure she got the last word.

"You are a right pillock.  You know that, right?"


Adyson smirked as she showed herself out the door.

"...Wait, what?"


Rush - Chapter 4

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  I thought that I would only have to watch a few Achievement Hunter videos to get all of the British slang that I needed.  Unfortunately, Gavin didn't give me everything that I needed.  Good thing the Internet exists.

I'll probably have the final chapter out tomorrow, provided the subject that was given to me works out OK.  That...and I have other stories I need to get out.

Read and review, if you like.  Until next time.


Disclaimer:  All characters of Phineas and Ferb are the property of Dan Poooly crap am I really going to write the same thing three times in a row?  The answer is "Negatory"!

Chapter 3 - On His Sleeve

Phineas pulled what seemed to be the hundredth shirt out of his dresser and held it up for his brother to examine.

Another shrug of indifference.

"C'mon, Ferb!  You need to help me out here."

The green-haired boy raised a quizzical eyebrow at his sibling.

"What?  I need something better than my usual attire."


The one word was enough to completely throw Phineas off.  "What do you mean why?"

Ferb shrugged, returning his gaze back to his book.

The redhead walked over to the Brit's bead in a lousy attempt to intimidate his brother.  "Look, don't give me that silent treatment.  You're probably wondering why I would go through all of the trouble to find some different clothes if all I'm doing is meeting Isabella for lunch.  Hey, I wasn't even the one who asked her; she was the one who asked me.  And we're even going to that little cafe place that I would have not given a second glance at and I researched earlier in the day and they have these tiny little sandwiches with tuna in them..."

Ferb was going to interrupt after the cafe part just to say that Phineas was now haphazardly trying to shove his head into one of the sleeves of his shirt, but alas...he was having too much fun to stop him.

"And then you have to find something to go with the shirt.  Maybe a tie or a pocket square or a pocket protector--"



Ferb smirked, his brother's diatribe finally halted.  "Man, Isabella sure is making you crazy."

"She has nothing to do with that!"

Ferb grunted in disbelief.

"OK, so she does, but not as much as you think."

"Just calm down, Phineas.  I only asked a simple question.  You were the one with the speech."

The redhead sighed, straightening his collar in the mirror.  "I feel like my heart's about to burst."

"I have an idea."


Ferb got up silently from his bed and strode over to his brother.  Without a word, he grabbed his shoulder, made a motion to grab an invisible object, and proceeded to place his hand on his chest.  He patted it twice, gave Phineas a wink and a thumbs-up, and headed downstairs...

All the while Phineas watched with narrowed eyes.

"...What just happened?"


Rush - Chapter 3

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Think about it for a second.

And the title.

It'll come to you.

I'll wait.

...OK, I won't wait.  See, this is what happens when I try to do cerebral work.  It's "cerebral"ously cheezy.

.......This is also what happens when you finish writing quick shots at 2:30 in the morning.  So I'll just leave on that note.

Read and review, if you like.  Until next time.

I wonder if Senpai will notice me.

...Whoever Senpai is.
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